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"A Day at the Spa"
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today Original air date
February 4, 2002
person Directed by
Larry Jacobs
person Written by
Adam Rudman
George Arthur Bloom
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"A Day at the Spa" is the eleventh episode of Season 1 of Cyberchase. It originally aired on February 4, 2002.


Main Characters


Plot overview

On a frozen Cybersite, Hacker uncovers an artifact called the Crystal of Calamore,an ancient crystal that'll restore his energy at any time. The Cybersquad finds out about this and decides to use a flyer advertising 'Le Spa Awful' to lure him away. 

Sending him a fax of the flyer, the group manages to trick Hacker into going to the spa for a treatment or two. Inez and Digit go to the spa,creating a multitude of disguises for Digit to use while giving Hacker his five beauty treatments while Inez goes to help Matt and Jackie.

On the Grim Wreaker, Jackie and Matt are tossed into the ship's dungeon by Buzz and Delete while trying to get the crystal and contact Digit for clues to escaping their cell. Thanks to Digit's instructions, the duo finds a box in the cell with three doorknobs-green,orange and purple-and three keys-red,blue and yellow. After some trial and error, they find the right combo-green knob,red key-and escape.

Meeting with Inez,the Cybersquad tries to break the force-field around the crystal by using the levers and buttons on the control panel. They seem to keep failing until Delete gives away info about a fourth button. Finding it, the group uses the controls-red switch,yellow lever,brown button-and destroys the field around the crystal,enabling them to take it. 

Hacker then shows up and tries to stop them from taking the crystal-but fails and is tossed with Buzz and Delete into the very cell Matt and Jackie were imprisoned in. It also seems Digit gave Hacker a rather....'special' makeover! NOTE: In the credits Genny Shelby is credited Genni Shelby 


  • Math Topic: "A Day at the Spa" focuses on organizing possible combinations using tree diagrams, lists, and tables.
  • For Real Segment: "Harry Does Lunch" - Harry has a job at a deli and must figure out a way to bring in new customers. He uses an organized list to figure out the number of different ways he can combine sandwiches.



  • Digit uses the word Duncebucket in this episode.



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