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>> Temperature check!

>> On it! Eighty-nine cyber degrees.

>> The temperature was 85, and now it's 89. That's four degrees hotter. Note -- At 89 degrees, the other fish are leaving.

>> ♪ The hotter is gets, the more polluted the water, so tell your merson and tell your merdaughter ♪ ♪ If the temperature gets to 100 degrees, we all must move ♪ ♪ We all must leave

>> Leave Mermaidos?

>> But Mermaidos is my home!

>> It looks like that crazy machine is heating up the water!

>> Ninety-seven degrees!

>> Three more degrees and it'll reach 100.

>> Then everyone will be forced to move away!

>> That's not going to happen, Eugene. We'll stop them.

>> Looks like the water goes up the hill in buckets, then down through a hole in the tank where it gets heated and back down this hose.

>> And into our water! If we can just clog up that hole...

>> Didge, do you have something round?

>> Maybe a ball?

>> We need a bigger one.

>> How about this?

>> [ Gasps ] Slimey's favorite ball!

>> Perfect, let's go! ♪♪

>> Woo-hoo! ♪♪

>> Whoa! Oh, no!

>> Hey! Oh, no! I got it. Nezzy, catch!

>> Hurry!

>> Here you go, Jax.

>> All right. Woo-hoo!

>> All right! ♪♪

>> Did you ever have the feeling that things were about to go terribly wrong? ♪♪

>> Ah! Ah! Ah-ah!

>> This is not getting any hotter! Why is the water not getting hotter?

>> No need to shout, boss. We're right here.

>> Aah! Ugh. I'm surrounded by incompetents. Ooh!