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"A Perfect Score"
today Original air date
April 10, 2008
person Directed by
Brandon Lloyd
person Written by
Brian Meehl
George Arthur Bloom
calculate Topic
Math in Sports: Scoring Performance
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"A Perfect Score" is the eighth episode of Season 6 of Cyberchase.


While enjoying a little R & R in Solaria, Hacker is delighted to see Wicked, who is also on vacation—but she’s not alone! She’s partnered with Nug Grommet, the handsome cyber-surfing champion in a dance contest.  Turning even greener with jealousy, Hacker enters the contest to prove his superiority. Only there’s one small problem—who can he coerce into being his partner? Enter the CyberSquad. Observing Jackie’s prowess on the dance floor, Hacker has Buzz and Delete detain Inez, then forces Jackie to teach him the moves and dance with him in exchange for Inez’s safe return.  As the contest unfolds, it becomes apparent that the judges lack a workable scoring system to decide the winner.  Determined to help Inez, Matt joins the judges to find a way to score the contest.  And, as Wicked points out, it had better be fair or she will wreak her revenge! Should Matt give Hacker and Jackie a higher score than Wicked and Nug so Inez can go free? Or judge the contest fairly and hope Digit rescues Nezzie in time?

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