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Sorry, Didge.

You okay?

I...I think so.

Do you know where you are?

On vacation at Club Solaria and loving it!

No chaos to fight, and no Hacker!

Volleyball, anyone?


What are YOU doing here! ?

Just looking for a little rest and relaxation.

Even the King of Chaos needs an occasional vacation

from villainy.

Like we're supposed to believe him?

Ta-ta, kiddies.

Yes, ladies, cruise the view.

Check out the chin.

...hel-lo there.

Hello, Hacky-poo.


I...I had no idea you were here.



Check out that surfer dude.

That's Tank Grommet - the best cyber-surfer ever!

Sorry it took so long, Wicks.

Looks delicious, waiter.

I'll have the same.

He's not a waiter, Hackie-poops.

Meet Tank Grommet.

Did she tell you she's a witch?

She didn't have to, brother.

She casts her spell every time I look at her.

You see, Hackie-poo?

Someone knows a good thing when he sees it.

If you ask me, he doesn't know a surfboard from a zucchini

Man, aren't they incredible?

Yeah, right.

What's incredible is a perfect set and a genormous spike!

C'mon, let's play volleyball!

If this is so boring, Matt...

how come Tank Grommet is so into it?

Hey, boss, the dancers are over there.

Yeah, don't you like dancing?

The only dancing I'm gonna do is on surfer boy's pretty head!

Alrighty, everyone!

It's time for our judge to tell us which couple

has won this year's movin' and groovin' Solaria Dance Contest!

King Dudicus, who's our winner?

Well, Tappy...I'd say they were all totally awesome.

That's great, but which couple was the most awesome?

They were like equally awesome.

C'mon, who won?

Make a choice!

King, as the judge, you have to pick one winner.

That's what judges do.

It would be a lot easier to figure out who the winner

is if dancing was a sport.

Dancing is so a sport!

Be right back.

Excuse me, my name's Inez.

Can I make a suggestion?


Since King Dudicus can't pick a winner by himself,

why not add another judge?

Great idea!

You're a judge.

Who do you think won?

What if Inez picks one couple - and I pick a different one.

Who wins then?

Ooh...a split decision.

We'll have three judges, then.

I'll be the third one.

I vote for--

Wait-wait, I can't be a judge.

I didn't see all the dancers dance.

No problem, we'll have a do-over!

A do-over?

Now that we have three judges instead of one - we're going to

start the contest over so we can all see it and pick a winner.

Who's dancing in the do-over?

C'mon, buttercup, let's show 'em what we can do.

We're in!

C'mon, folks...we can't have a dance contest

with only one couple.

Step up...and show us what you've got.

C'mon, boss, go out there!

Show Wicked what you got!


You can dance circles around that guy.

Of course I can!

I can do it in my sleep!

But who would I dance with?

C'mon Matt, be my partner.

If the best surfer in all of cyberspace can dance,

so can you.

No way!

What about you, Didge?

I hear you can really wing it.

Nice try, Jax...but the Didge does not dance.

Well, maybe one time...

but not today.

Hello, my little cyber-squader.


What do you want?


I feel like dancing.


Who would dance with you?

Let me put it another way!

My two duncebuckets just waltzed off with your little earthpal.


Inez is gone!

But certainly not forgotten.

Now then, if you ever want to see her again,

you'll dance with me.

You can't do this, Hacker!

I already did!

Shall we?

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Not till after we it? looks like we have another couple.

The Hacker!

The Jackie!

The Losers!

You find Inez...I'll figure out how to handle things here!

I'm on it!

Let's get this show on the road!

But Inez is gone!

We only have two judges.


Like, what happens if I vote for him -and you vote for her?

I'll be the third judge!

Oh, goody!

The Do-Over can begin!

On one condition!

If Wicked uses her wand or any magic...they lose!


But if the judges, including that earth kid...

don't judge fairly... the green guy loses!


Hey! I'm not a cheater!

You'll both get exactly what you deserve!

Okay, couples, here's the routine.

We're looking for something stylish and athletic.

Something like this.

Music, maestro.

Each couple will have time to practice...

then The Do-Over Dance Contest will begin.

Time to hang ten, Wicks...make that twenty!


I love it when you talk surfy!

Can you do any of those steps?

Of course not!

But you're going to teach me.

Eww! Eww! And double eww!



I...I don't think they heard you.

Hey, guys!

Can we talk about this?

I can't get a picture, Buzzy.

Keep workin' on it, Deedee.

We gotta watch the boss win.

Kozlow, can't you get this thing moving?

Not from up here.

I hate heights.

But you run the ferris wheel, how can you hate heights?

I just run it - I don't ride in it!


That looks like a good place to look for Nezzie...


You up here?

Or are you down there? Aaah!


This sure beats flyin'!

Hey, Nezzie!

You back there?


The Cyber-Serpent of Solaria!

I think I'll look somewhere else.

Having trouble, Hackie-doodle?

Not at all, my wayward Wicked.

Just mastering my technique.


Oh, brother, this is going to be painful!

Okay, guys, I need a little judging help.

How do we pick a winner and be fair about it?


We watch the two couples dance, and decide which one is best.

Whoa...just thinkin' about watchin'

all those steps makes me dizzy.

Good point, King.

Um...I know!

We'll just focus on the hardest parts: the leap,

the slide and the spin.

But how do you judge a dance step?

I mean, it's not like the long jump...

where you measure how far someone jumped.

Judging dance steps is a little different.

How high you jump is important,

but you also judge how well it's done.


Was that a good leap?

Less than awesome, dudette.

How was that one?

Totally awesome!

Man, I thought only basketball players could jump that high.

Okay, we got it.

We judge each move awesome or pathetic.

Let the contest begin.

Time out, guys.

What if a move isn't really awesome -

but it's not pathetic, either.

There's gotta be something in between.

Point taken, Matt...

That's it...points!


Yeah, we give points for each of the big moves!

You know, like on a scale of one to five - five is awesome

and one is pathetic...

...and three is in-between!

Okay, let's try it.

Judges, how many points would you give this move?

Oh no!

We have like totally different scores!

That's a good thing!

We each score the dance as we see it.

Oh I get it...!

But wait a sec.

If we're gonna give points to three moves...

and they're two dance teams,

there's no way I can keep all those numbers in my head.

No problem.

Just make a scorecard.

Something like this.

Here are the three big moves: leap, spin, and slide.

And we put the score for each over to five.

Got it.

Then what?

We combine the three into one total score for the performance.

That's fair!


I think we're ready to judge a dance contest!


You in here-here-here?


What was that-that-that?

No way Buzz and Delete would ever go in there...


Any luck finding Inez?

Not yet, I'm still lookin'.

How's it goin' there?

The dance contest is about to start.

I'm gonna be a judge.


Just make sure Hacker wins!


I can't do that, Didge...I have to be fair.

If Hacker's better than Wicked, he'll win.

You've gotta find Inez!

And if I don't...I don't wanna think about it!

Welcome back to Solaria's first ever Do-Over Dance Contest!

The boss looks good, huh?

Think he's gonna win?

I dunno, Deedee.

Wicked's got some pretty mean moves.

Mean moves.

Good one, Buzzy!

High five!

Up top!

Oh, man, this is not good at all!


Sorry, I got carried away.

Do that again, and you will be carried away!

Did you see that?

He nearly leaped out of the building!

You can do that, right?

The high-flying Hacker can do anything!

Two great leaps...but because they didn't leap together...

...I give 'em a three.

Quick spin! Sweet!

Great spins, and perfectly together.

I give them a five!

Caught ya!

Awesome slide, but a hairy finish I award them a four!

Time to add up our points.

Let's do it, dude!

Three plus five is eight...

plus four gives me a total of...twelve!

My total's eleven.

And mine's thirteen!

Now what?

We've got three separate scores.

That doesn't work.

Ohhhh - what if we add our total scores together?

That way we each have an equal say.

Totally awesome.

One grand total coming up...


Thirty-six out of how many?

What's the most points a couple can get?

I dunno...let's see.

A perfect score from each judge would be

five plus five plus five.

That's fifteen.

And three judges times fifteen points is...




Forty five points!

...Got it!

Your attention, please.

Wicked and Tank have a score of thirty-six

out of a possible forty-five points!

Thirty-six out of forty-five?

Beat that, Hackie-poo, and I'll eat my broomstick!

Get a grip, Hacker!

We can still win.

But...I can't afford to look like a fool!

It's not very becoming.

Look, I'm gonna say this once and never again.

You've got the moves.

You're a good dancer.

But you have to believe in yourself.

Believe in myself?

That's all I believe in.


I also believe your fellow earthbrat will give me a good

score ...a really good score!

Didge, did you find her yet?

Nope - and I'm almost outta places to look!

Keep goin'!

It's dance-time for Hacker...

You have to find Inez - fast!

I hear you, Matty!

C'mon, Kozlow, help me think.

There must be something we can do.

Maybe we can start the ferris wheel somehow...

Maybe you'll get an idea if you look down, Koz.

Just take one look.

I know you can face your fear...

Are you okay?



I'm gonna try it again.

You hear somethin?


And now...Jackie and The Hacker!

Remember, the score they have to beat is thirty-six!

Go get 'em, boss!

Dance your heart out!

Perfect leaps, perfect timing, perfect score!

They nailed it, Wicks!

The Hacker's giving an epic performance!

Don't worry, Tank.

The King of Chaos will find a way to mess things up -

he always does.

My wig!

Forget your wig!

Get back here!


That's my whacky-Hackey.

Oh, no!

I have to take away points for Hacker's mistake...

but if I do, what's going to happen to Inez?

So, what'da ya think, Buzzy...the boss gonna win?

I dunno, Deedee.

But if that earthbrat ever wants to see this earthbrat again -

the boss better win!

You can overcome your fear, Kozlow, I know you can.

Okay...I'll try.


Let us down!

That was great!

Now if we can just figure out a way to get down...

I'm afraid we'll be stuck here a looooong time...

Have no fear - the Didge is here!


Boy, am I glad to see you!

Who's your friend?

Digit...say hello to Kozlow.

Hiya, Koz.

You ready to get outta here?

Uh, let me think... YES!

I'll get you down in a jiffy!

Somebody stop this thing!

Lets go!

See ya!


I gave Hacker and Jackie a five, a five and a two...

for a total of twelve!

I gave them a five, a five...

and a one...for a total of eleven!

I gave them a five...a five...and--

...Well? ?

C'mon, Matt, everyone's waiting.

...and a two...


....for a total of ...twelve.

That means I won...right?


Wicked and Tank have a total of thirty-six points.

Hacker and Jackie have a total of...

...thirty-five points!


The winners of the Solaria Do-Over Dance Contest

are Wicked and Tank.

This is all your fault!

Wicked, is there anything you'd like to say?


I'd like to thank the judges for being fair and honest -

and recognizing a true champion.

As for my opponent...


Buzz...Delete...where are you?

It's the boss!

What'll I tell im?

Just don't answer it!

I couldn't help it, Jax.

Wicked was better.

I couldn't vote for Hacker - I had to be fair.

I know, Matt...but we've got to find Inez!

Good luck!

I don't think you'll see your little friend anytime soon.

Hi, guys!


All right!




You're safe!

Was there ever any doubt?

Now that's awesome!