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"A Reboot Eve to Remember"
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today Original air date
December 29, 2017
person Directed by
J. Meeka Stuart
person Written by
Peter K. Hirsch
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"Housewarming Party"

"A Reboot Eve to Remember" is the fifth episode of Season 11 of Cyberchase.




Seeking a year's worth of Bottawa's energy, Hacker commands Delete to drain the power from the tank that lifts the Reboot Eve ball. Delete is angry that he had to ruin his own favorite holiday and stays behind in Bottawa. Buzz misses Delete, but Hacker refuses to go back for him.

The CyberSquad learns that the power was drained, and decides to design a windmill to put Bottawa's windy weather to work. Delete approaches them, wanting to help them save Reboot Eve. The CyberSquad decides to give Delete a second chance in the spirit of the holiday, but Digit still doesn't fully trust him.

Testing design variations on a model, the CyberSquad discovers that a cloth propeller with four angled blades is the most efficient of their options. When they build the real windmill, it doesn't work because the direction of the wind isn't flowing through the blades correctly. The residents of Bottawa help push the entire tower around to face the opposite way, and the propeller begins to spin as expected.

Hacker returns to keep the holiday ruined, but gets stuck holding onto the windmill's spinning blade. Delete forces Hacker to make a Reboot Eve resolution before saving him, and the festivities commence on time. Delete decides to leave the CyberSquad because Buzz and Hacker need him, and they part on good terms. Hacker, having resolved never to ruin Reboot Eve again, starts plotting against another holiday such as Valentine's Day.


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