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I call this salad "Digit's Delight."

When I worked for Chef Julia,

She told me a good meal

is like a see-saw--


Veggies, fruit, some grains,

dairy, and a little protein.

[Chuckles] So where's the part that tastes good?

It all tastes good, Jacks.

Healthy and tasty-- that's my motto.

That's your motto?

Could you hurry it up, please?

I'm starving.

Digit: Where was I?

Oh. The veggies are in.

And some apple for a little crunch.

Some multigrain croutons,

a few cubes of cheese,

and finally some pine nuts.

Looks yummy, Dige.

Drizzle lightly with olive oil.

Mix well.

Aah! Oh! Hey!


Motherboard: CyberSquad, call coming from Castleblanca--

Two-Headed Sams.

Something is terribly wrong.

Sam hasn't been himself lately.

He's sleepy, sad, cranky.

Huh? What's going on?

Who are you talking to?

Uh, no one. Go back to sleep.


And it's not just Sam.

Other monsters are acting the same way.

We need help. Find us at Cafe Bogie.

Hmm. Wonder where Cafe Bogie is.

[Bugs buzzing]

Excuse me. Could you tell us where Cafe Bogie is?

Straight ahead. Look for a long line out front.

I hate that place.


Ever since it opened,

no one's been coming here

to buy my fruits and veggies,

and they're going bad.


Everyone eats at Bogie's.

Is the food that good?

[Crying] Yes. That's the problem.

It's delicious.

Jeez. I never saw a zombie cry before.

[Sniff sniff]

The Brussels sprouts are still good.

Want some?

Brussels sprouts? Ew. No, thanks.

Is this line even moving?

Follow me, Earthlies.

Whoa there. You got a reservation?

Do you know who I am?

Uh, no.

Agent 22, Health Inspector.

Uh, go ahead, sir.

Come on.

[Soft music playing]

Matt: There they are.

Hi, Sam. Hey, Sam.

We got here as fast as we could.

How are you feeling?


Maybe the fries aren't helping.

No! They're so good! Just try one.


What do you think?

Tastes yummy.

Hey, that's the last French fry!

You got to share it!

No way. Let go!

You let go!

Guys, stop fighting.


Mmm. Mmm.

Can we please eat something?

I'm hungry.

Excuse me. Ready to order?

I'll have the Medusa Meatballs.

Sounds good. Me, too.

Inez: Same.

I'll have the chicken salad sandwich.

Yum. Yum.

My meatball kind of tastes like chicken.

Too bad my chicken doesn't taste like chicken.

Can I have your last meatball, Jacks?

Please, please, please!

You actually like this stuff?

Mmm. Are you kidding? Mmm. It's scrumptious.

It's so salty, sweet, and gloopy.

Ha ha ha!

Is that even a word?

Yikes! It's Buzz and Delete!

Time to make the crabby cakes!

Ooh, I love cooking!

That's all it is? Some weird powder and water?

How can that be?

I don't understand.

[Beep beep beep beep]

♪ Ta da

Hey, Dee Dee, we're running low

on Hacker packets.

I'm going to the factory

to get some more.

Follow that bot!

[Starts engine]

[Knock knock]

[Door creaks]


Ha ha ha ha!

Oh, what a magnificent chin.

Buzz: Uh, boss?

What is it? Can't you see I'm busy?

But we're all out of Medusa Meatball packets.

The monsters are getting restless.

Oh. Must I do everything myself?

Pass me those potatoes.

I don't get it, boss.

How is making these Hacker packets

going to lead to

your total domination

of Cyberspace?

Isn't it obvious?

The food prepared from my Hacker packets

is delectably delicious and totally lacking any healthy ingredients.

Hoo! Correction-- it does use one real food,

but not much of it!


When you don't eat healthy food,

you become weak, sluggish, useless.

Just look.


Hacker: It's only a matter of time

until I open another restaurant,

then another, and soon everyone

will be eating my food,

and all of Cyberspace will be

as defenseless as he is!


I knew that chicken tasted funny.

It's not real food.

We have to stop him before it's too late.

Where's Inez?


What? I'm busy! [Hiccup]

Well, well, well.

If it isn't the meddlesome Earth brats.

Release the beast!

Is that the best you can do?

Run! Run!

Aah! Aah! Aah!

[Gasp] We're trapped!


Throw the dog your patty!


[Sniff sniff sniff]


Digit: Hello. Room service?

We'd like the cheese, crackers, and hummus platter.

Get some fruit, too.

I could use a little energy.

And some grapes. Thanks.

OK, so, what do we know?

We know the food that comes from the Hacker packets

tastes good but it's not very healthy.

And your body needs healthy food.

Otherwise, you get weak and tired.

Which is why so many monsters in Castleblanca are feeling lousy.

Because they're not eating real food.

And who knows how long they've been eating that stuff?

But the Hacker packets do have potato in them.

That's real food, and it's a vegetable.

But it was only this much potato.

Besides, the body needs other kinds of food,

not just veggies.

Like what?

[Knock on door]

[Door opens]

Like the 5 food groups:

protein, like the chickpeas in this hummus;

veggies, like these carrots.

The cheese is dairy.

The grapes are fruit,

and for grains, we have this bread.

Mmm. This hummus is awesome!

Come on, Inez. Dig in.

No, thanks. I'm not hungry, just tired.

How do we get the monsters

to stop eating Hacker's junky food?

Not easy. They all love it.

I've got it!

I filmed everything we saw in Hacker's factory.

You did? Huh. Guess I was too busy eating.

Once everyone sees what Hacker's food is really made of,

they'll never eat at Bogie's again.

Excellent plan, Matt.

Come on, Nezie. Just have a few grapes.

I said I wasn't hungry!

And don't call me "Nezie"! Ah!

Inez, you OK?

Uh. I'm fine.

Care for a fry?

Sam, enough with the fries.

They're not good for you.

Well, I like them.

Me, too.

Time for show and tell, Mattie.

Monsters of Castleblanca,

put down your forks!

Put aside your patties!

Huh? Huh?

What you're eating is not real food,

and we can prove it!

Hit it, Jacks.


The food prepared from my Hacker packets

is delectably delicious

and totally lacking any healthy ingredients.

Ooh. Correction--it does use one real food,

but not much of it.

Hey, Buzzie, the boss is in a movie!

Huh? Hey, boss, come see.

Hacker on video: And when you don't eat healthy food,

you become weak, sluggish, useless...


Ew. That's what I was really eating?

Matt: Now you can see that what you're eating is not healthy!

That's why you all feel terrible.

Huh? Huh? Huh?


Huh? Huh?

I think it's working.

Hacker: I think you're wrong.


Pardon me. Would you like to try

my new scare ribs?

But are they good for you?

The real question is, do they taste good?

Oh! So good!



You're not gonna get away with this, Hacker.

That's THE Hacker to you.

You can't serve unhealthy food!

Oh, yes, I can.

In case you missed it, they love it.

There's nothing you can do to stop me.

There is, too.

Oh? And what might that be?

Well, um...

I liked your food.

Of course you did, my dear.

Until I found out what it really is!

And we're going to tell everybody in Cyberspace.

I have a better idea.

You never had a good idea in your life.

Well, try this one:

I say I can cook a healthy meal

that can beat your junky food any day of the week.

Not a chance.

Listen up, monsters.

Digit has challenged Hacker to a cook-off.


So if Digit wins, you'll stop making Hacker packets

and you'll leave Castleblanca.

Agreed. And if I win,

you and your playmates will leave Cyberspace...


Mayor Wolfman: As your mayor--


let me welcome you to the Great Castleblanca Cook-off!


Representing the CyberSquad, we have the multitalented

cyboid Chef Digit!


And representing, um-- representing himself,

The Hacker!


Go get 'em, boss! Yeah!

Our expert judges are

that palate-pleasing Poddle Chef Puck!


Everyone's favorite Frenchie, Chef Foody.


And from happily ever afterville,

food delivery mogul Little Red Riding Hood.


Please, don't call me "little."

You got it, Red.

Remember, if Digit wins, Hacker will stop making Hacker packets

and leave Castleblanca.

If Hacker wins, the CyberSquad agrees to leave Cyberspace

and never return.


Now, that's what I call a major wager.

Your meal will be judged in 3 categories:

how it looks, how healthy it is, and how it tastes.

Chefs, select the ingredients you wish to use.

Choose one, choose all.

The choice is yours.

You have one hour beginning now!



Uh, let's see.

Fruits, dairy, grains, protein, and veggies.

Yep. All the food groups are here.

Inez: Everything we need for a healthy meal, Dige.

Matt: What are you going to make?

I--I don't know. Hey!

Excuse me.

Ha! Carry on.

Oh, my. 45 minutes left,

and Digit hasn't even chosen his ingredients.

Dige, what's the problem?

Aw, just remember what Chef Julia taught you--

a good meal is like a see-saw--


I know. I know. I just don't remember

how much of everything we need to be really balanced.

Plus if I lose, I'll never see you guys again.

Aw, you can do it, Dige.

Hey, in the cafeteria at school,

there's this picture on the wall.

It kind of looks like a pie

with all the food groups on it.

Inez: Yeah. I'll Gwiggle it.

That's it! Look.

It shows the 5 food groups

and about how much you need to eat of each.

Inez: This half is divided into two equal sections:

fruits and veggies.

And this half has 3 equal sections.

Jackie: One for grains, one for protein--

oh, and this one's for dairy.

Digit: Got it! I'm cooking now!

Jackie: What are you making, Dige?

My bodacious banana and black bean omelet

with a side of Brussels sprouts.

I know it's a veggie, but do you have to use

Brussels sprouts?

Uh, boss?

Don't you think you ought to start cooking?

You know, in case something goes wrong.

Yeah. There's only 35 minutes left.

Make that 34.

That's about 33 minutes more than I need.

Ha ha ha!

I've got an idea.

A little sabotage to help the boss,

just in case.

Take your time, Dige.

You've still got 12 minutes.

One minute!

What? What? What?


Someone unplugged me!

Ha ha ha!

Come on, Dige. Time to plate everything.

[Bell rings]

30 seconds.

Time's up!


Chef Hacker, what have you prepared for our judges?

I have for you a tasty marvel I call Spring Rising.

It's my own special recipe.

Hee hee!

Chef Digit?

I have prepared for you

a banana and black bean omelet

with a side of Brussels sprouts.


Mayor Wolfman: First category--whose meal looks the best?

Chef Puck.

Chef Hacker's meal looks fantastic,

very appealing to the eye,

but Chef Digit's plate--well, it's a mess.


Well, based on looks, if I were bringing

one of these meals to Grandma's house,

I'd choose...

Hacker's, definitely.

Chef Foody.

Hmm. Zees looks good. Zees does not look good.

It's unanimous. The looks portion of the cook-off

goes to The Hacker!

You may as well declare me the winner now.

Aw, don't worry, Dige. It's not over yet.

Mayor Wolfman: Next up, whose meal is the most healthy?


Chef Digit's meal is killer.

It includes all 5 food groups

and just the right amounts of each.

As for Hacker's meal,

there's only one food group--maybe?

My vote goes to Chef Digit.

Oh! Yeah! Ha ha!

Hmm. Mm-hmm.

Uh uh uh uh.

I know Grandma would agree

when I say Chef Digit's meal is healthy

and Chef Hacker's, um...

is not.

It is clear to me that one meal

is the very most healthy and the very most balanced.

It is...

Chef Digit's.


There you have it.

Chef Digit wins the healthy round.

The cook-off is tied tight as a tangled spaghetti.

Do something, you dunce buckets!

May I take your picture, please?

Say cheese.

Fromage! Cheese.

Mayor Wolfman: We come now to the final vote.

Whose meal tastes the best?

The winner of this round

will be the winner of the Castleblanca Cook-off.


Chef Hacker's meal doesn't taste totally bad,

but I'm not really sure what it really is.

Now, Chef Digit's meal, that tastes good.

Mayor Wolfman: Red?

Uh, Red?

Chef Hacker's food is...


But Chef Digit's food is delicious.


Oui. I agree.

The best-tasting meal was prepared

by Chef Digit!

There you have it, my fellow Castleblancans.

Chef Digit wins the cook-off.

Yes! [Cheering]

And the CyberSquad is here to stay.

I demand a recount!

Bogie's is officially closed,

and bye-bye, Hacker.

Inez: Grilled Brussels sprouts with cheese and bacon--

ah, so good.

Can I try one?

Digit: Hey. Thought you didn't like Brussels sprouts.

I didn't, but I do now.

Guess I never tried them like you make them, Dige.

Digit: Hee hee. What did I tell you, Jacks?

Healthy and tasty.

That's my motto.

Heh heh heh!

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