Outside view of Aquari-Yum

First Appearance:

Codename: Icky (2002)




Cyber-Slug; Crabs

Aquari-Yum is an aquatic fishbowl-shaped cybersite that contains many varieties of food and is governed by the Crab Prince. It is highly dependent on Icky to feed on excess energy released from the seabed; without this absorption, the site would heat up and boil over. Hacker once took Icky captive to feed on Motherboard, and Aquari-Yum was nearly destroyed.[1] Aquari-Yum also contains an abyss that can cause anyone to fell into it to lose the ability to tell the truth[2].




  • The Abyss
  • Croissant Cave
  • Pizza Canyon
  • Hot Dog Valley
  • Donut Volcano
  • Croissant Cave, Pizza Canyon, Hot Dog Valley, and Donut Volcano are places in Aquari-Yum that were mentioned in a Cyberchase Weekly Kids Poll Question: Where would you most want to visit in Aquari-Yum?[3]

Location bio

Skwakopedia entry (Cyberchase: The Quest)

A cybersite in a giant fishbowl. Everything looks like food. For example, Hot Dog Valley and Pizza Canyon. Home of the Crab Castle and the Abyss Maze.



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