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>> Where, where, where is it? Where is it? No. I just saw it. Oh, where... ♪♪ [ Beeping ] [ Gasps ] I'm here. I'm here. Pearl, is that you?

>> Digit, I'm so glad you remembered our call.

>> Of course I remembered.

>> Did you get the hyperspace data drive?

>> I've got it, but what's it for? What's going on in Canalia? I'll tell you when you get here, and please hurry. ♪♪ [ Indistinct conversations ] ♪♪ [ Indistinct conversations ] [ Whistle ] [ Indistinct conversations ]

>> This is so cool, traveling on water instead of roads.

>> So what are we doing here, Didge?

>> We have to help my friend, Pearl. She told me Canalia is in big trouble.

>> Trouble? I don't know, Didge. Everyone seems happy to me.

>> Things might not be as good as they look, Inez. Pearl says there's a problem. I believe her. ♪♪ We're here.

>> Wow. The water is kind of low.

>> Looks like someone has been measuring it.

>> So where's Pearl?

>> Digit, over here.

>> There she is.

>> I thought you were coming alone.

>> I brought the Cybersquad. Whatever the problem is, they can help.

>> I knew you looked familiar. Matt, Jackie and Inez, right?

>> That's us.

>> So what's up, Pearl?

>> We can't talk out here. Follow me. ♪♪ [ Doors creak, slam ] ♪♪

>> Wow.

>> Cool.

>> Whoa.

>> What's with all the secrecy?

>> Well, it's about the water.

>> There's a lot of it. That's for sure.

>> That's what everyone says. The problem is, we're using too much of it.

>> The water level does look kind of low. I saw that when we got here.

>> And it's getting lower and lower. I've been keeping track, but nobody wants to hear about it.

>> Water evaporates all the time. You sure there's a problem?

>> Positive, and I've built something that will prove I'm right, something that will answer all the questions, a time machine.

>> Whoa!

>> No way!

>> Does this thing actually work?

>> It should once I insert the final part. Didge?

>> One hyperspace data drive.

>> [ Gasps ] [ Chuckles ]

>> What does a time machine have to do with the water problem?

>> Well, it will show everyone what the water level was in years past compared to what it is now and what it will be in the future if we don't make changes.

>> Then they'll have to believe you.

>> Exactly! Please work. [ Beeping ] [ Whirring ]

>> Yes!

>> Yeah!

>> This is awesome.

>> What are we waiting for? Let's take a trip down memory lane.

>> Um... what if we don't come back?

>> Well, at least we'll all be together.

>> Matt!

>> I've been working on this for months. I promise it'll be okay. ♪♪

>> [ Whimpers ] [ Door slams ]

>> Ten years ago should give us a good idea what the water level used to be.

>> I can't believe you actually made this.

>> I like to build stuff. [ Alarm blares ] Here we go! [ Beeping ] ♪♪

>> Welcome to Canalia 10 years ago.

>> Am I seeing what I'm seeing? [ People laughing ]

>> It really worked.

>> I knew it would! At least, I was pretty sure it would.

>> Look, the water level is higher.

>> But everyone is using their sprinklers and hoses just like they are in the present.

>> True, but there are a lot more of us in the present than here in the past.

>> And more people using the same amount of water means the water is being used up faster.

>> You got it, Matt, and if we don't change our habits, Canalia could dry up completely. ♪♪

>> Under here.

>> Doesn't the rain help?

>> Sure, but we use way more water than the amount of rain we get.

>> Your time machine is the answer, Pearl. Once your neighbors see this, they will understand.

>> Okay. Let's get back to the present so we can save our future.

>> Yeah!

>> All right! ♪♪ [ Slam ] ♪♪ [ Whirring, beeping ] ♪♪

>> Okay. This time machine is pretty cool. Does anyone else know about it?

>> Not yet. I'm keeping it hidden till I'm ready to show everyone.

>> It's true. A time machine in the hands of you-know-who could do who knows what.

>> [ Laughing wickedly ]