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"Back to Canalia's Future"
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Original air date
April 20, 2018
Directed by
Jason Groh
Written by
Adam Rudman George Arthur Bloom


Main Characters

Recurring/Minor Characters

  • Pearl's father (debut)



The Cybersquad travels to Canalia to help Digit's friend, Pearl. For the past few weeks, Pearl has noticed that the water levels have been dropping, but no one believes her, especially her father. She built a time machine to prove that the water levels have been dropping. The Cybersquad and Pearl time travel a decade into the past, and it turned out that Pearl was right. Their plan was to convince the citizens to conserve water in an assembly. As they leave for the assembly, Hacker has been spying on them with Buzz and Delete. He had been spying on Pearl and knew she had a time machine. He planned on taking Pearl's time machine to travel to when he worked for Motherboard, alter the past, and become ruler of Cyberspace. At the assembly, Pearl and the Cybersquad managed to convince the citizens to conserve water, only to have the citizens dissuaded by Pearl's father. Pearl's father insists that there is plenty of rain and water, and tells Pearl that she was creating an unnecessary panic. The Cybersquad insists that Pearl is telling the truth. When Pearl's father demanded proof, Matt blurted out that Pearl had created a time machine. The citizens crowd at Pearl's basement. To Pearl's dismay, her time machine had been stolen and replaced by a cardboard decoy. Now the citizens of Canalia and Pearl's father don't believe her. It turns out that Hacker stole the time machine. Hacker tests the time machine and tries to remember when he worked for Motherboard. Buzz and Delete get the date wrong twice, and Hacker decides to take the time machine to the Grim Wreaker. Time passes, and Pearl is crestfallen over her failed attempt to convince the citizens and her lost time machine. As Inez comforts Pearl, she notices Hacker and his henchmen passing by in a gondola. The Cybersquad pursues them and manages to recover Pearl's time machine. Pearl takes the her father and the Cybersquad to the future, where Canalia has run out of water. Pearl's father finally believes Pearl and convinces the citizens to conserve water.


  • The episode's title and plot may be inspired by the 1985 film, "Back to the Future". The film features a protagonist who time travels to the past.
  • This is the first time Matt says, "Give it up, Hacker" since the second season episode, Double Trouble.
  • One of the times Hacker, Buzz, and Delete travel to is 2002, the year when Cyberchase first aired.
  • This is the only time Inez has a swollen nose and broken teeth when she is crying similar to Lola's face in the Loud House episode, Butterfly Effect.


  • Math Topics: "Back to Canalia's Future" deals with measuring volume and capacity of liquids, using estimation and exponential growth effects.
  • Science Topics: "Back to Canalia's Future" deals with water conservation and environmental consequences.
  • Back to Canalia's Future: For Real Segment: Bianca learns to how to conserve water.



The Cybersquad meet Pearl for the first time.

Pearl's time machine

Pearl's conservation assembly

Pearl's father

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