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Bernie's Black Hole[1], the Black Hole of Cyberspace[2], is a disposal cybersite. The sentry, Bernie, charges fees for objects dumped into the black hole, at a rate based on his appraisal of the worth of the object being disposed of. The black hole ejects any unpaid items.[3] This site is also a portal to the Nether World of Cyberspace[citation needed].

In each of the three episodes where it is mentioned, the cybersite is referred to as the Black Hole for short. Two of these mentions also refer to it as "a black hole", implying that it is one of many black holes in Cyberspace.[1][4]


When Hacker attempted to destroy the Encryptor Chip in "The Snelfu Snafu: Part 2", Bernie charged ten million snelfus, but Hacker did not have enough. He then attempted to dispose of the chip himself. However, the hole rejected the chip.

Hacker also attempted to dispose of Digit with Bernie's Black Hole in "Designing Mr. Perfect", referring to it as the Black Hole of Cyberspace[2].



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