Berny Bernie
Gender Male
Age 12
Species Penguin
Residence Penguin Village, Penguia
Occupation hockey player, marcher
Allies Coach, Ice, Fluff, Cybersquad
Enemies Hacker
Favorite color Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Voice actor Cory Doran

Bernie plays penguin hockey and is a member of the Voyagers. He is friends with Fluff.[1] He debuted in Face-Off.



Bernie cares about his friends, but he can be gullible. When Ice showed the hockey team the new Cyberblades ice skates, he wanted a pair immediately. He is also susceptible to peer pressure and herd mentality, especially when trying to convince Fluff to buy the new Cyberskates because "everyone else is getting them."


Bernie is light blue with a stout beak.

When he wears his hockey team uniform, he wears a yellow and orange hat with a yellow and orange shirt with the red and yellow Penguin Village Voyagers symbol.

Main Occupation

Bernie plays on the Penguin Village Voyagers hockey team.


Bernie lives in Penguia and plays penguin hockey on the Penguin Village Voyagers team.



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