"Bianca's Dogged Pursuit"
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Original air date
Directed by
Bob Morris
Written by
Produced by
Jill Peters
Bob Morris
Suzanne Rose
Refine and Optimize
"Bianca's Dogged Pursuit" is the For Real Segment for "The Fairy Borg Father".


Bianca wants to take a day trip to Philadelphia with her friend Kelly on Saturday, but she can’t leave her dog Mojo home alone all day without anyone to feed her dinner at 5pm. Although she asks everyone she knows, including her ex-boyfriend and her crabby neighbor to watch Mojo, but were too busy, Bianca can’t find anyone to feed Mojo. Then, necessity becomes the mother of invention, as Bianca develops a clever device that uses a rotating alarm clock and a sliding lid to keep Mojo’s dinner covered until 5pm. After trying out her initial idea using a cardboard cover, she further refines the invention by adjusting the thickness and weight of the cover until it functions perfectly.

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