"Bianca's Need for Speed"
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Original air date
Directed by
Bob Morris
Written by
Produced by
Jill Peters
Bob Morris
Suzanne Rose

"Bianca's Need for Speed" is the For Real Segment for "A Broom of One's Own".


Bianca’s won a contest to attend a glamorous movie premiere, but it’s the same day as her little cousin’s birthday party. She has a plan to make it to both: she’ll go to the birthday party first, change into evening clothes there, and drive to the city in plenty of time for the premiere. Unfortunately, she hits some major snags along the way, including an empty gas tank and a flat tire. With time running short, Bianca consults her road map and discovers an alternate route via the highway. Although it’s a longer path, the road is faster and will get her to the city in a shorter amount of time – just in time to make an appearance on the red carpet.

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