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"Bianca Hallo-whines"
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Original air date
Directed by
Bob Morris
Written by
Produced by
Jill Peters
Bob Morris
Suzanne Rose

"Bianca Hallo-whines" is the For Real Segment for "The Halloween Howl".


October 31 is Bianca’s favorite day of the year. Not only is it Halloween, it’s also her birthday! This year, no more trick-or-treating for Bianca; instead, she plans to enjoy a grown-up evening of dinner and dancing with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, her plans are disrupted when she’s stuck looking after her young friends Erica and Leah (of course, she volunteered to do so until their mother Peggy came home at five; however, their mother's flight was delayed), and taking them trick-or-treating. Bianca is grumpy all night long, until Erica and Leah come up with an idea to cheer her up: they divide their Halloween treats into three equal groups so that they can give Bianca a birthday present of candy.


The number of certain candies in certain shares changes when Erica counts the number of pieces in her own share. For example, during the division process, Bianca's share has three pieces of Twizzler's licorice, one Butterfinger bar, three Snicker's bars, and one Crunch bar; however, during the part where Erica counts the quotient in her own share, Bianca's share has two pieces of each kind.

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