"Bianca Learns to Nurture Nature"
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Original air date
Directed by
Bob Morris
Written by
Produced by
Jill Peters
Bob Morris
Suzanne Rose
Patterns in Nature
"Bianca Learns to Nurture Nature" is the For Real Segment for "A Tikiville Turkey Day".


Bianca is guilty of herbicide - she kills every plant she owns! She can’t figure out why, and decides to seek professional advice at the New York Botanical Garden. A helpful plant expert shows her some patterns in plants, including bilateral and rotational symmetry, before discovering the pattern that has been killing Bianca’s plants. By watering them every day, Bianca has been over-watering the plants, causing the roots to rot and the plants to die. If she changes her pattern and waters her plants less frequently, Bianca might just be able to have a green thumb.

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