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Bike Route is a game that was formerly available on Cyberchase Online. It is the minigame included in "How It All Started: Webisode 3".


The player must find the optimal, 18-block route for Inez to bike from her apartment to the library, while passing through her errands at Betty's house, the post office, and the video store. By pressing the blinking dots, the player can move Inez down a block in any of the cardinal directions.[1] The route can cross and overlap itself, although this is not useful in practice.[2]



  • Earth
    • Betty's house
    • Inez's apartment
    • Library
    • Post office
    • Video store


“Oh boy! I've got a lot of errands to run and not much time! I've made a map that shows all of the places I need to go. Let me show you.”
“Inez needs to figure out the shortest number of blocks to get all her chores done and get to the library on time. Can you help her do it? Here's a map to use. Inez can do the chores in any order, but she has to end up at the library.”
“Well done! You got to the library just in time! Click the arrow below to play more games.”
―Win message
“Oops… Inez found a shorter route than you, do you want to try again?”
―Lose message