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"Blowin' in the Wind"
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today Original air date
April 23, 2009
person Directed by
Brandon Lloyd
person Written by
Ronnie Krauss
George Arthur Bloom
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Math in Weather: Wind Speed
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"Blowin' in the Wind" is the fourth episode of the seventh season of Cyberchase. It is the fourth and final episode of Weather Watchers.


Hacker pursues a career as a singing idol and goes on tour, leaving behind a book that contains the secret to curing Motherboard’s virus, buried in the windiest place on the Northern Frontier.  Slider and the CyberSquad are determined to find it…but to do so they must discover how to measure wind speeds in different places so they can compare them. Can the kids find the book before Buzz and Delete, who want to steal Hacker’s secret?  Stay tuned for the surprise ending!


Hacker removes Buzz and Delete from his "Nobodys" band after they play too heavy metal music. Buzz and Delete then ask where his loyalty is. Hacker challenges Buzz and Delete's that they could be loyal by starting their own band, get good, and they could become famous. Hacker tells Buzz and Delete he will come back once he is popular than Motherboard. He gives them an envelope which tells them not to open it, because no one should be able to read the letter inside of it. Hacker leaves and Buzz reads that they should not open the envelope for 100 years in the front cover. They go a private place and unbeknownst to Hacker, they open it, and read the letter. They misread the direction to a book that contains the secret to curing Motherboard’s virus. They have to find the highest point of the "windiest place" (twistiest place) of the Northern Frontier. Meanwhile, Digit and Slider go warn Motherboard and since Slider took a place of the letter. It turns out that the Cybersquad is looking for the "windiest place" (the place with the most wind) of the Northern Frontier. Hacker hires Olga, Trashinator, Cyclops and Baskerville as his "Nobodys". Buzz and Delete find the "windiest place" (twistiest place) as well as the highest point in the Northern Frontier. They keep saying they are rock stars and then two goats bash them off of there. Meanwhile, the Cybersquad lands on top of the windiest place (the place with the most wind). Digit tells the Cybersquad the last time he was here, it was really windy. Jackie wants to make sure it is the windiest place. It is indeed windy. It is so windy that Matt falls off the cliff and hangs on a tree branch with yo-yo. They go and save him and notice he's hanging on a tree. Digit successfully grabs Matt, but his yo-yo detaches and breaks. Thankfully, Matt has a backup. Buzz and Delete are going through a windy river and they think the book is at the end of the river. Slider tells Inez that there are four places windier than where they are currently and shows her those places. Digit asks which of the four places is the windiest place. Inez says they can measure the strength of the wind in each place. Digit takes out the possible items to measure wind. Jackie looks at the pictures again and finds out that the vehicles are getting moved by the wind when it pushes their kites or sails. Inez also tells them that they can measure the wind by how hard the wind pushes on something like a kite, or sail, or even Matt's yo-yo. Matt tells them his yo-yo wouldn't stay still because the wind kept pushing it sideways. He suggests that could measure the strength of the wind by how far it pushes it sideways. Inez agrees and picks up the board to make something that measures how far the yo-yo moves and then keep track. Matt gives Inez his yo-yo and Inez shows them that when the yo-yo hangs straight down, it has a wind speed of zero, with no wind pushing it. When the wind pushes the yo-yo, they can measure how far it is from the line. The stronger the wind, the further the yo-yo goes. Scenes how he performs in cybersites is where the citizens love his "singing". Inez says they need something that will help them compare the wind in different places. Digit points out that they can use numbers. Jackie agrees and decides to measure from no wind to a lot of wind by making a scale. She then numbers the scale from one to ten making a wind gauge. Slider suggests that they all split up to measure the wind speeds in different places. Matt then gives them an idea to make more wind gauges. They then split up to measure the wind speeds. Blustery Point has a wind speed of four. Breezy Flats has a wind speed of two. Gusty Isle has a wind speed of six. The Dunes has a wind speed of two. Gusty Isle wins and the whole Cybersquad meets there to get the book. Slider decides to make a wind shovel to get the book. It starts digging fast, but it slows down and then both the windmill and the scoop stop moving. They first tried Gusty Isles, but it was wrong. Jackie takes out the wind gauge and finds out that the wind strength went from six to two and it goes back up to four. Everyone is confused, because Gusty Isle doesn't seem to be the windiest. It turns out the windiest place is where the wind blows stronger more often than not. Judging how windy a place is by only one measurement was a mistake. Jackie tells everyone to go back to each spot, get more measurement, and compare the wind strength numbers. Digit decides to stay where he is and take some more measurement. Buzz tells Delete that they care about the wind and they just didn't know it. Buzz and Delete follow and find out that the book was buried in the "windiest place" (a place with lots of wind) not the windiest (a twisty place). They go back and measure the wind speeds from their respective places. After some more accurate calculating, they compare the strongest, medium, and the weakest winds of each place. Blustery Point is actually the real winner. The Cybersquad go to Blustery Point and dig it up, and they were right! The book was there! They grab it, only for Buzz and Delete to snatch it on a sitting, hand gliding vehicle. Buzz opens the book, only to find out that Hacker tricked them. Hacker tells them Buzz and Delete flunked the loyalty test, because they opened the envelope when they weren't supposed to and Hacker wins. Hacker is loyal and Buzz and Delete are not. The wind then stops, making them fall.

As the Cybersquad is saddened about their failed mission, they see Hacker singing in Penguia. At one point, the wind blows Hacker's hat and Wig off of his head, Revealed a broken device showing that Hacker was "Lip-syncing". The cybersquad laughs at Hacker's humiliating exposure, seeing that even though they failed their mission, they can see Hacker failing himself.


  • This is the title is the same as the 1963 song of the same name.
  • When Buzz and Delete play air guitar with their shovels while chanting "We are rockstars!", the background music is reused from The Spheres' song in "Out of Sync".


  • Jackie: (turns the TV on in despair, watches Hacker "sing" in Penguia) Guys! Over here! It's Hacker. (points to the TV)
  • Digit: (watching Hacker "sing" in Penguia) What?! I don't believe it! They like him. They really like him.
  • Inez: He can actually sing?
  • Hacker: (Lip syncing)🎵 Let me rock your world and I'll become your ruler! I'll make Cyberspace, a better place-- (a gust of wind blows Hacker's hat and wig off of him) (gasps in shock) (The hat flies off of the wig, revealing a music device which Hacker was actually lip-syncing from. It breaks and sputters)
  • Device: I'll make s-- [crackles and shuts off broken]
  • Hacker: (upset) NOOOOO!...
  • Matt: He wasn't really singing! It's not his voice!
  • Jackie: Hacker's a fake!
  • Slider: What a surprise, huh?
  • (laughing)
  • (3 penguins chase hacker quietly)


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