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Let me rock your world, nothing would be cooler.

Let me rock your world, and I'll become your ruler.

I'll make cyberspace a better place, YEA, OOOOooo!


You're the worst musicians in Cyberspace!

You're fired, both of you!

But boss...we're your band!

Yeah, we're your Nobodys.

Not anymore!

I'm going on tour without out you!

I'll find new Nobodies.

I'll become a rock star so cyberkids will love me -

and want me to be their leader!

This scheme is too important to let

you two duncebuckets ruin it!

But you told us we'd be on stage with you!

You promised!

That was before I heard you play!

That's not fair!


Where's your loyalty?


Did you say loyalty?

...He did.

That was him.

Haven't I kept you both working for me even though

you're totally incompetent?

Well, we're loyal too.

Loyal, huh?

Let's see how loyal you really are.

You stay here... start your own band...get good...

and I might just make you famous.

After I'm famous, of course!

We'll do it, boss!

We'll show you loyal!


You can trust us!


I'll be back as soon as I become

more popular than Motherboard.

Until then, rock on.

Hey...I almost forgot.

Put this letter in a safe place.

And don't open it!

No one - and I mean no one can read it!

Got it?


Got it.


Bye, boss, good luck!

Yeah, we'll miss you...not!

"Do not open for one-hundred cyberyears."

Why can't we open it now?

Friends don't keep secrets from friends!

That's not very loyal.

So if Hacker's not loyal to us...

why should we be loyal to him?


Let's open it!

But someplace more... private.


This pod can perk!

I added nano-stabilizers for perfect control.

I'll show ya!

Oh, boy.

My stomach can't wait.


Slider, look!

It's the Grim Wreaker.

Hang on, Didge!

He didn't see us - we're safe.

I take that back... WE'RE GONNA CRASH!

I call it my "nose stand."

Whaddya think?

I think I wanna go to Motherboard's.

This is a good spot, Deedee.


It's Buzz and Delete!

Open it, Buzzy...let's see what the letter says!

"By the time you read this, I will have ruled Cyberspace for

one-hundred cyber years.

To celebrate my victory, I've written a book called

"Secrets of The Hacker."

"Inside is a chapter on the secret code I used to give

Motherboard the virus!"


Did you hear that?


Hacker's never told anyone that code.

Yea, it's always been his big secret.

Just think...if we knew what that code was, we'd be famous!

More than famous - we'd be powerful!

We could control Motherboard ourselves...

and rule Cyberspace without Hacker!

But what about being rock stars?

Could we still do that?

We could do anything, Deedee!

Sounds good!

Where do we find this book?

"I buried the book at the highest point

of the windiest place on the Northern Frontier."

Wine-di-est place?

Where's that?

I dunno, but we'll find it.

Come on!

Crank this baby up, Slider.

We gotta go tell Motherboard!

The book has the code Hacker used to give you the virus!

Mother B, if we find that book,

maybe we can undo the damage he caused you.

That would be awesome!

And where is this book?

They said it was buried at the highest point of

the wine-di-est place on the Northern Frontier.

Wine-di-est place?

Are you sure that information is correct?

I'll double-check.

I took a picture of the letter.

"Highest point of the...

windiest place - not wine-di-est!

Where's the windiest place, Motherboard?


Not to worry - it's just a temporary glitch!

I know the Northern Frontier like the back of my wing.

We'll find the windiest place and the book -

Hacker or no Hacker!

Listen up, misfits.

Don't waste my time unless you rock.

I want the best nobodies to be the Nobodys!

Who's first? me what you've got!







That was appalling!

You all stink!

BUT...the least stinky... and therefore my new Nobodys,

are: Tonga...



and Baskerville!

Oh, thank you, Master Rocker... Master...Master Master.


Well, here we are, Deedee.

The longest, wine-di-est road in the Northern Frontier!

And this is the highest point.

All we have to do is find Hacker's book.

Then we can take over Cyberspace.

And become rock stars, don't forget!

We are... we are... rock stars!

We are... we are... rock stars!

We are... we are...

rr --- Ooomp!


Zephyr Winds Mine!

This has gotta be the place!

Last time I was here it was really windy!

It's windy, all right!

Yea, but is it the windiest place on the Northern Frontier?

How do we know?

I'll check with my buddies.

They do wind-sports around here all the time

when Hacker's not around.

Man, it's really windy here!

Look what it's doing to my yo-yo!