"Blowin' in the Wind"
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"Blowin' in the Wind" is the fourth episode of the seventh season of Cyberchase. It originally aired on April 24, 2009.


Hacker pursues a career as a singing idol and goes on tour, leaving behind a book that contains the secret to curing Motherboard’s virus, buried in the windiest place on the Northern Frontier.  Slider and the CyberSquad are determined to find it…but to do so they must discover how to measure wind speeds in different places so they can compare them. Can the kids find the book before Buzz and Delete, who want to steal Hacker’s secret?  Stay tuned for the surprise ending!


Hacker removes Buzz and Delete from his "Nobodys" band after they play too heavy metal music. They leaven an evlope which tells them not to open they open it, and misread the direction to a book that contains the secret to curing Motherboard’s virus. Hacker hires Tonga, Trashinator, Cyclops and Baskerville as his "Nobodys". Scenes how him performing in cybercites as the citizens love his "singing". Slider and the Cybersquad had a recording of Buzz and Delete reading the envelope, the try to find the "windiest" place in the Northern Frontier. Gusty Isles, Breezy Flates, Blustery Point or the Dunes. They first tried Gusty Isles, but it was wrong, Buzz and Delete follow and find out that the book was buried in the "windiest place" not the whindiest". After some more accurate cacuating, The Cybersquad tried Blustery Point, and they were right! The book was there! They grab it, only for Buzz and Delet to snatch it on a sitting, hand gliding vechile. only the wind stops, making them fall.

As the Cybersquad mourns their failed mission, they see Hacker singing in Penguia. At one point the wind blows Hacker's hat and Wig off of his head, Revealed a broken device showing that Hacker was "Lip-syncing". The cybersquad laughs at Hacker's humiliating exposure, seeing that even though they failed their mission, they can see Hacker failing himself/


  • This is the title is the same as the 1963 song of the same name.


  • Digit: (watching Hacker "sing" in Penguia) They like him. They really like him.
  • Inez: He can actually sing?
  • Hacker: (Lip syncing)🎵 Let me rock your world and I'll become your ruler. I'll make Cyberspace, a better place-- (a gust of wind blows Hacker's hat and wig off of him) (gasps in shock) (The hat flies off of the wig, revealing a music device which Hacker was actually lip-syncing from. It breaks and sputters)
  • Device: I'll be s-- [crackles and shuts off broken]
  • Hacker: (upset) NOOOOO!...
  • Matt: He wasn't really singing! It's not his voice!
  • Jackie: Hacker's a fake!
  • Slider: What a surprise, huh?
  • (laughing)
  • (3 penguins chase hacker quietly)

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