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"Bridge" is a scrapped story concept for Cyberchase that was pitched in a formative evaluation on October 16, 1998, along with "Poddleville", which was expanded into the pilot version of "The Poddleville Case".[1] It is unknown whether the audiotape of the story or the black-and-white drawings shown alongside it have surfaced elsewhere.



Hacker, Buggs, and Delete want an elephant's diamond. Inez, Julie, and Kyle must build a bridge over a river to retrieve the elephant from an island. In the process, they use measurement, problem-solving, and building materials including bubble gum.

Certain further details and their order in the plot are somewhat unclear, as they are transcribed from the sampled fourth graders' recollections of the episode after watching it.

Response excerpt Notes and conjecture on plot events
I like how they used how long she was. The referent of "she" is likely Inez.
That they thought they couldn't make the bridge with all the broken pieces, but they did.
I liked how they built that bridge, only if they were a little more apart, they could climb it like a ladder.
I liked how they used the tiles and how they made like a kitchen floor across the river.
I liked that they tried different things and had to figure it out. Like when all the pieces broke and they used it.
I liked when they had the idea with the bridge so, that's when I think the helicopter dropped some bricks down for them. And so they had to find something to hook them on, so he, so the boy, he digged in his pocket and he found some gum, so he was like 'everyone start chewing,' and so they started chewing until they got, until the end and then the elephant didn't want to get on, so they started singing. They started singing the song and so that's when she started dancing and everything. The bubble gum concept is similar to Matt suggesting Zanko use his bubble gum to repair the ledge in Statico Chasm, in "The Fairy Borg Father" of the final series.
I liked the part where the block was the right length of the pole and they did it and it cracked into pieces and they had to use bubble gum but it wouldn't really stick for the elephant to cross. And the part where they twirled around and the elephant trunk hits him, and I liked the part at the end.
And the math goes slowly step by step, but they should make it more specific and they should do like the Elephant is like 200 miles away.
I liked that every time their plan was destroyed, they'd always think of another one. They didn't just stop.
Liked that Inez knew that she could , it was a good storyline. The feedback singles out Inez as confident and particularly important to the problem-solving process in the story.
Liked that Inez was so smart and that she gave the kids ideas.
They all worked like a group to help get the elephant across. They were making a good solution.
I like how it is about technology--like that they go into a computer, and a web site This likely confirms the assumption that the story involves a specific cybersite in Cyberspace. Like the pilot version of "The Poddleville Case", "Bridge" may have included the framing device of protagonists starting on Earth and a portal bringing them into Cyberspace through a real-world computer.
I liked when the boy called her smarty-pants. Kyle seems to treat Inez similarly to a scene in the pilot version of "The Poddleville Case", wherein he (having been renamed to Matt) tells her, "Okay, okay, you're smart, you're so smart, just please spare me the lecture."
I liked the song.
I liked the doggie that barked and begged and begged and begged Inez to take him for a walk. And I liked the last part where he said, "You'll never beat me Inez. Not till the next time you're in Cyberspace." Inez likely has a pet dog, which could have filled Gatito's role in the final series. It is unclear whether the "he" in the second sentence still refers to the dog; the line of dialogue in question may be Hacker's.
I liked whenever he was spinning around, he hit Hacker with his face and all that. With his trunk. And I liked whenever the dog was barking. And I liked whenever he was chewing the bubble gum, putting it on the board and putting all the other boards on.
I liked that they talked about jet-skis.
The jet ski with the saw on it was too cruel, I think.
Didn’t like the way the girl [Inez] was stuck up, when she said she just knew.
If they are fighting, they should at least say sorry. The protagonists may have had an argument.
Didn’t like the part where Kyle called out giddy up-- like the elephant was a horse.
I didn't like the part where the elephant twirled around and hit the bad guy.
Didn't like how the elephant landed half way in the water and half way not.
About the guy, how he almost smashed the kids when he dropped it.
I didn't like how they kept on trying to destroy the planet. And I didn't get why they had to destroy the motherboard. "Planet" could have been an early term replaced by "cybersite" in the final series.
I did not like that guy, that guy who flew the helicopter. I don't like Delete and Bugs. I didn't like them because I was jealous of them because they get to drive a helicopter and drive a motorboat. That's why I don't like them.
I don't like the fact the evil characters had things like jet skis and things. The kids use brain power but the bad guys have big tools. Why can't the evil guys just have things they take out of their hat or their shirts? The protagonists may have retrieved more supplies from their clothing than the aforementioned bubble gum.
I think it was good, except for the part with the jet ski. Hacker had everything. Delete and Buggs should have things too, instead of just like a wire. I didn't like the way Hacker yelled, and the way the elephant spins around.
I liked everything except for Hacker has too many things, a jet ski, a ship and every time they talk about him he has a different thing.
I didn't like the gum, because it wouldn't really work to keep the elephant up. I thought he would have superglue in his pocket. In the story, the bubble gum may be a crucial component for stabilizing the bridge for the elephant.
I didn't like that you could see the gum sticking out of the cracks and if they stepped on that they would trip and break the bridge.
I did not like the gum part because you would have to like leave that for 24 hours at least and it still wouldn't stick.
A helicopter couldn't lift the huge thing.[trapeze] This is listed under the section "Confusion About Parts of Story", so perhaps the helicopter did lift a trapeze in the story.
I didn’t like that the elephants would dance when they heard a song, it doesn’t make sense.
I didn't get what India was.
The only thing I heard was that there was 16 squares and how did they get there? What I think that you should have on this show is a title that tells you it's about an elephant, so in the beginning it will tell what the story is about. I think they should have a problem, like Inez hurt her arm and then she needs help.
8% said Kyle was "cool" because he "thought of using gum."
6% disliked that Inez "yelled" at the other kids.
6% "I like the way they found a way to destroy what the kids were doing." The referent of "they" is probably Buggs, Delete, and Hacker.
4% of the sample liked "the way that Hacker got mad and yelled at Delete and Buggs."
Hacker didn’t act that smart I think he should be more sophisticated, like he shouldn’t have jumped up to grab the diamond.
I like the way they let the kids get away with it.
—They followed the guy, Bugs and Delete, and they followed them and they made, there was that itsy bitsy island for the elephant to sit on, and they went and built a bridge with sticks and gum. They made a bridge that was checkered and the bridge if it didn't get ruined, they could have took it and made the biggest checkered board in the world.

—They made a bridge so the elephant could get across but the elephant couldn't get across.

—They took the trapeze seat and they were going to put it all the way across, but the evil Hacker guy, he took like tweezer things.

—No that was Bugs and Delete.

—And they took the trapeze seat, and it was all in squares so they made a bridge to get to the other side. But they couldnít get the elephant to move so they had to sing.

—They tried to build a bridge, they sung to him so he would start dancing across and at the end of the song, he twirled around and hit Hacker in the face and knocked him off the bridge.

Researcher: Anything else about how they tried to save the elephant?

—Well I think that building the bridge was really smart, but the way they did it with the gum, it wouldn't happen in real life, but for a cartoon I think it was a good idea. Five year olds would like the show. And so would I.

Researcher: What about the way that they crossed the river?

—You know what I don't get is how she was on the other side and they got way over there without the bridge being made yet.

They tried to get stakes as the sand link and they tried to measure, and actually they took a piece of string or something and then they threw it across, and then they hit that and then they took pieces of sticks that were the same length and they couldn't do it, so Julie she got down and then she went to that little box thing to measure it and then, same length, so they picked it up, and then that guy dropped it and it broke into a lot of little pieces and the kid, he had a good idea, he got some bubble gum, then he chewed it a little bit and then he started putting it on there so they stuck it together so the elephant could get across.
—Inez, when she laid on the ground to get measured. That's something like math.

—She was measuring a brick.

—And with her dog's leash and with Julie.

Researcher: So why were they doing that? What were they trying to do?

—They tried to save the elephant because if she would have walked and fallen in the water, those little rats would have ate her. So they saved her.

Researchers: And, can you tell me how they made something to cross the river?

—They made a bridge. He got lots of gum out of his pocket and they chewed it and put pieces of gum on the sticks. But I think the sticks and the bricks and gum was a good idea making a bridge because if there was, if he wouldn't have any gum, or if they wouldn't have had any sticks, the elephant would have stayed there.

Researcher: So why was the trapeze seat important? What did they do with the trapeze seat? (pause) It didn't fit, did it?

All answered: No.

Researcher: So how did they make it fit?

—By Buggs and Delete breaking it. And they broke it into pieces so it fit, and all sixteen pieces fit into the space.

—And he had sixteen pieces of gum in the pocket.

Researcher: Were all those pieces the same size as the original, if you put it all together?

All answered: Yeah.

But they [the kids] couldn't really do it by themselves, if the bad guys didn't stop them, cuz they are the guys that really gave them the ideas, like breaking it into 16 different pieces.
Because when the elephant couldn't get over, they put sticks right there. So they put gum, then they put some wood (retells solution).
They had to put cardboards down so they could get across the bridge.
They used lots and lots of information on how to do it. They used gum, they used bricks and sticks.
They danced around and across the bridge, hitting the Hacker in the face.
It had the elephant and I liked the song and Delete and Buggs were trying to get the diamond.
I liked this story better. Because they talked about Jet-skis.