Buzz Virusbug[citation needed] is one of Hacker's main henchmen (the other is Delete). He is short and round. He loves donuts, and really wants to run a donut shop. He is generally loyal to Hacker and usually does everything Hacker tells him to, despite the disrespect he receives.

Buzz lives in the Northern Frontier with the Hacker. His favorite color is blue-green, his favorite music is that of Wayne Newton, and his favorite movie is Home Alone (because of the bad guys).

Some of the comments and things that Buzz says and does hint that maybe he wants to take control some day, such as in "Double Trouble " when he and Delete become rich and he says "Maybe we don't need the boss anymore" and in "Raising the Bar" when Buzz realizes that Hacker has lost his memory and makes him his own henchman. One last example is in Blowin' In The Wind, Buzz begins to think that with the book, Secrets of the Hacker, he and Delete could rule Cyberspace themselves.


Buzz and Delete's origins are further explained in this new game on the "Cyberchase" website.


Buzz is a henchman with black boots. According to the Cyberchase website's newest game Buzz and Delete Save the Day, Buzz and Delete came from a cybersite called Botsopolis, led by a Delete-look-alike named Princess Deia (a reference to Princess Leia from the Star Wars franchise). In Hacker's earlier days, he bought robotic parts from that cybersite and constructed Buzz and Delete from them. Based on the dialogue all three characters share, it can be assumed that they both have a good relationship with her.

Voice acting

For every episode through "EcoHaven Ooze", Buzz was voiced by Len Carlson. However, Carlson died of a heart attack on January 26, 2006, and actor Phil Williams took over. "EcoHaven Ooze" was dedicated to Carlson.



In the Brazilian dub, Buzz was known as 'Bug'.


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