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Buzz & Delete Save the Day is a game that is available on Cyberchase Online.


Long ago, Hacker built Buzz and Delete using Build-A-Bot kits that he got on Botopolis.

In the present, Buzz and Delete are in Hacker's hangar, scrubbing the Li'l Wreaker spotless for Hacker's reception of another "Best Cyberspace Villain" award that night. Delete says that he wants to get an award for doing something great, but he slips on a wet sponge, dislodging a stack of boxes full of ping-pong balls. They sort the balls through a gameplay segment.

Just then, one of Delete's bolts alights with a siren. He and Buzz receive a holographic message from Princess Deah, telling them Botopolis needs their help. A Bot Flu[1] has infected the residents of the site, causing them to go into sleep mode and sleepwalk. They need the antidote by sunset or the effects will be permanent, and Buzz and Delete are the only ones who aren't infected.

Deah texts Buzz the recipe, which calls for ergs from Pompadoria and flowers from Perfectamundo. Delete isn't sure they can save the day, but Buzz tries to reassure him.

Buzz and Delete use the Li'l Wreaker as transport to retrieve the ingredients. They crash it on the Garbage Dump on the way to Botopolis, but manage to get it working again by replacing the batteries. Upon reaching Botopolis, they mix the ingredients and spray them across the cybersite, curing the Bot Flu.

When she wakes up, Princess Deah decrees the day Buzz and Delete Day. She holds a parade and gives Buzz and Delete the "Bots of the Year" award, the highest honor in Botopolis.


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In addition to the unique minigame sequences on each cybersite, the player must travel through Cyberspace by flying the Li'l Wreaker through an arithmetic sequence of vortex numbers.

The erg-fishing minigame is titled "Cyberchase: Ergomania"[1].