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The following is a list of all the characters in Cyberchase, and who they are voiced by.

Major Protagonists

Character Voice Actor Note(s)
Motherboard Kristina Nicoll Protector of Cyberspace, infected by a virus sent by Hacker
Dr. Marbles Richard Binsley Rarely seen
Matt Jaqeulline Pillon Seen in every episode
Jackie Novie Edwards Seen in every episode
Inez Annick Orbinsawin Seen in every episode
Digit Gilbert Gottfried Seen in every episode, except The Poddleville Case
Widget Gilbert Gottfried Rarely seen


Character Voice Actor Note(s)
Hacker Christopher Lloyd Seen in every episode
Buzz Len Carlson in seasons 1-4 (and 4 episodes of season 5)
Phil Williams, (season 5-present)
Seen in every episode Hacker is seen in
Phil Williams became the voice of Buzz after Len Carlson died of a heart attack
Delete Robert Tinkler Seen in every episode Hacker is seen in
Linda Ballantyne
Recurring character

Guest stars

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season 1

  • Phillip Williams as Sams, Dracula, Gnome, giant kid and Pig 1
  • Linda Cash as Lucky
  • Robert Smith as Oly
  • Elizabeth Jonas as Annie and Hank
  • Adrian Egan as Zith
  • Ron Parto as Spider
  • Bruce Hunter as King
  • Phillip Bosco as Zeus
  • Jasmine Guy as Ava
  • Linda  Balentyne as Receptionist
  • Ron Rubin as Mumsey (recurring role), pig 2 and Grubby
  • Bebe Neuwirth as Binkey
  • Len Carlson as mayor, Cy Clone, Ape.
  • Juan Chioran as Baskerville and Red leader
  • Geoffery Holder as Master Pi
  • Julie Lemieux as Henchmen Are Us receptionist
  • Bill Lake as Mechanic
  • Rick Miller as Ben and Fen
  • Stacy DePass as Binary
  • Jamie Watson as Agent
  • Aron Tager as Deek
  • Carolyn Scott as Judge Trudy, Sheriff Judy, Poddleville citizen
  • Kathleen Laskey as Warren's Mother and Mount Olympis announcer
  • Patric McKenna as Sailsmen
  • James Rankin as Warren
  • Kim Mitchell as Apollo
  • Cal Dodd as Wolf, Beast
  • Esme Martin as Himaropa
  • Katy Grifen as Caliope
  • John Stocker as Homer

season 2

  • Jane Kurten as Lady Ada Lovelace.
  • Peter Cugno as King Dudicus
  • Robert Smith as Olly
  • Anthony Daniels as Melvin
  • Kathleen Laskey as Harriet, Warren's mother and Princess of Pompadoria
  • Peter Oldring as raven/Prince of Pompadoria
  • Elizabeth Jonas as Annie
  • Al Roker as Sam Vander Rom
  • Carla Collins as Erica (Recurring role)
  • Jasmine Guy as Ms. Fileshare
  • Julie Lemieux as Ivanka
  • Eli Jones as Dessi
  • Bebe Neuwirth as Binkey
  • Ron Rubin as Mumsey
  • Stephanie Morgenstern as Glowla
  • Geoffery Holder as Master Pi
  • Juan Chioran as Red Warrior
  • Kim Mitchell as Chief
  • Denise Oliver as Irma
  • Len Carlson as Mayor of Poddleville and Grand Pa Shaw
  • James Rankin as Warren and Sleight O Hand
  • Phillip Williams as Pig 1
  • Adrian Egan as Zith (pig3)
  • Dan Hennicy as Announcer
  • Ron Parto as Chairman Delicacy
  • Jamie Watson as the Fearless Chef

Season 3

  • Juan Chioran as Target, Nero, Tiki king, Robot Vendor
  • Jasmine Guy as Ms. Fileshare
  • Tim Hamaguchi as Slider (recurring role)
  • Sergio Dizeo as Radopolis citizen
  • Stu Stone as Sheldon
  • Elizabeth Jonas as Roxie and Ashley
  • Len Carlson as Tiki Citizen, Bernie
  • George Buza as Bank President
  • Keith Knight as Mr. Zero
  • Harvy Atken as King Crab
  • Tony Daniels Daniels as Octionier
  • James Rankin as Warren
  • Richard Binsley as Alphadeck Salesman
  • Kristina Nicol as Betty
  • Julie Lemieux as Warren's mother, Shari, Rika, Tina and Robot Vendor
  • Megan Falenbock as Unga
  • Katy Griffen as Marry Pat
  • Stacy DePass as Britney
  • Stephanie Bierd as Creech
  • Ron Rubin as Professor Archimedes
  • Annie Walter as Dody
  • Ron Parto as euki
  • Iven Sherry as Professor Stumblesnore and Abernathy.

Season 4

  • Julie Lemieux as Sharry
  • Iven Sherry as Stumblesnore
  • Annie Walter as Dody
  • Austin Dilulio as Fluff
  • Harvey Atkin as Manny (his last role)
  • Roch Voisine as Coach
  • Tony Hawk as Koop
  • Phillip Williams as Dracula and Sams,
  • Bill Lake as Mechanic
  • Cal Dodd as Harold
  • Ron Rubin as Mumsey
  • Rob Smith as Queen and comedian clock
  • Zachary McKay as Swipe
  • Juan Chioran as Psychologist
  • Adrian Truss as Dr. Bill
  • Len Carlson as Emergency Alert system, Wicked's director, and train engineer.
  • Linda Sorenson as Female Clock

Season 5

  • Cal Dodd as Mayor Wolfeman and Harold    
  • Peter Cugno as King Dudacus
  • Juan Chioran as Baskerville, Zanko, and Rork
  • Isabelle Decarderit as TW
  • Danielle Jonas as Mother Parallini
  • Elizabeth Jonas as Parallinis
  • Gary Krawford as Diamond Joe Parallini
  • Miklos Perlasas Jules (recurring role)
  • Julie Lemieux as Interviewer
  • Bill Lake as Mechanic
  • Ron Rubin as Grubby
  • Len Carlson as Sphynx (his last role)
  • Jaquelyn Pillon as Old Maid

Season 6

  • Carolyn Scott as Judge Trudy and Sheriff Judy
  • Dwayne Hill as Chef Foody
  • Stacy DePass as Rusty
  • Kim Mitchell as Walter
  • James Rankin as Pj Penguin and Mayor of Memoryville 
  • William Colgate as Shoe maker
  • Adrian Egan as Zith
  • Bill Lake as Mechanic
  • Iven Sherry as Stumblesnore
  • Phillip Bosco as Zeuse
  • Linda Balentyne as Athena
  • Ron Parto as Poseidon and Hermes 
  • Rob Tinkler as Jam Master[1]
  • Peter Cugno as King Dudicus
  • Julie Lemieux as Sharry, Ivanka, and Tappy
  • Martin Roach as Cosmo
  • Annie Walter as Ann Arkey
  • Ian James Corlet as Stats

Season 7

  • James Rankin as Mikey Spikey
  • Christopher Lloyd as Christopher Droid
  • Jamie Watson as Boby Blanco and Jean Claude
  • Janice Huff as Stormy Gail
  • Julie Lemieux as Fergie, Perfectimundo Mayor, Hedgehopper
  • Anthony Daniels as singing penguin
  • Ron Parto as Emperor Penguia
  • Dwayne Hill as Waldo and Cybrary worker
  • Helen King as Raz
  • Miklos Perlus as Singer
  • Matthew Broderick as Max
  • Susan Roman as Mrs. Bogie
  • Patric McKenna as Gimme the Golf pro
  • Bryn McOuli as Petra, Hedgehopper
  • Elizabeth Jonas as Hedgehopper
  • Brad Adamson as Grand Pa Shaw (replacing Len Carlson)

Season 8

  • Lisette St. Louis as Challenge Computer, Ice, Groundhog mayor
  • David Berni as Cedimentary Century
  • Elizabeth Jonas as Arachnipods and Poddles
  • Rob Tinkler as Commercial Announcer
  • Cory Doran as Berny
  • James Rankin as PJ Penguin
  • Annie Walter as Olga, Penguin, and Artemis
  • Rorry O'Shay as DJ Groovy
  • Juan Chioran as Martin J. Moneyborg, and Baskerville
  • Julie Lemieux as Punxie
  • Alex Carzis as Ledge and Rebooter Bee
  • Philip Williams as Jo
  • Katie Griffin as Lilly
  • norman Foote as Cool Starmaker
  • Aron Tager as Deek
  • Carolyn Scott as Judge Trudy and Sheriff Judy

season 9

season 10

season 11


  • Rico Rodrieguez as Ollie
  • Bill Hader as Zookeeper Andy