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"To Hacker...from Ann Arky."

Did somebody say...Ann Arky?

Give me that!

"For your deliciously dreadful contributions to chaos...

you have been nominated for the Arky."


What's an Arky, boss?

No career in chaos is complete without the Arky Award!

It's given out by a legend in chaos - Ann Arky.

I can see her now...

And the winner is...The Hacker!

...I won! I won!

Not so fast, Hacker! that really you, Ann Arky?

That's Ms Arky to you!

Now listen closely.

To prove you're worthy of the Arky,

you must perform one more act of disorder and confusion!

I can do that.

Then do it!

And make it noteworthy!

How'd she do that?

The Queen of Chaos comes in many forms.

Now snap to it, we've got chaos to commit!

But, boss, can't we wait till the end of the ballgame?

Whoever wins gets to play in the big game,

for the Slugball Championship.

Those Earthbrats are playin', too!

They're really good.

Ya know, the winner of the championship

gets to be Mayor of Memoryville for the whole day!

Did you say Memoryville?

Where all the data in cyberspace is stored?

Without which nothing in cyberspace would work?

That's right, boss.

No memory.

Can we please watch Slugball?

Watch Slugball?

Buzz, my bumbling bot, we're going to play Slugball!

This is Stats Playback and it is crunch time, folks!

The Earthly All-Stars lead the Tikiville Titans seven to six.

The winner of this game will face the Borg Bunnies

for the Championship.

Remember, because it's the final inning, the

Titans can only use one batter - and they only get one out.

But the Earthly All-Stars can only use one player

to try to catch the ball.

I wonder who it will be?

Okay,'s up to you.

I know.

You gotta cover the whole field.

I know!

Catch it...and we're in the finals!


The crowd erupts as Jackie takes her position in center field...

And the Titans send up their best batter.

They need one hit to tie the game - two to win it.

Here's the pitch...

It's a high drive to right field.

Jackie's on the run...will she get there in time?


What a catch!

Game over!

The Earthly All-Stars advance to the Championship Game

against those feisty little Borg Bunnies!

What's the plan, boss?


Win the game!

Then I'll get the key...

...that unlocks the Memory Bank... I can delete all the data in Cyberspace...

...and create complete chaos!

The Arky is as good as mine!

I can't wait to play Slugball.

It's always been my dream.

As Mayor of Memoryville, I bid you welcome to the third annual

Slugball Championship Game!

And now the starting line-ups.

For the Earthly All-Stars...

Inez...Matt...and the MVP of the last game...Jackie!

The manager of The Earthly All-Stars is...Digit!

Starting for the Borg Bunnies--


It appears the Bunnies have some new players.

Cyclops...The Trashinator... and The Mighty Tonga?

We have to play against...them?

What happened to the Bunnies?

And managing these beefy borgs

...The Hacker?


What are you up to, Hacker?

I'm the new owner of the Bunnies.

Is that a problem, Mayor?

Well, it's um...highly irregular.


I'd say it's downright illegal!

I don't see any bunnies!

Let's just say I...shuffled the line-up a little bit.

A little?

Look at those gorillas!

Excuse me, there's only one gorilla.

I'm afraid there's nothing I can do, Digit.

As the owner, Hacker can have whoever he wants on his team.

Not to worry, Mayor!

We'll beat 'em like a drum.

I was hoping you'd say that.

Well, let's, um, play ball!

As a reminder, the winner will have the honor of being

Mayor For The Day and receive the Key to our City.

All of Memoryville will be open to you.

I can't wait!

For those of you new to Slugball,

it's a three inning game.

Each player hits until the ball is caught.

Any ball not caught counts one point for the team at bat.

In the first inning, three players hit -

and three players play in the field.

In the second inning, two players hit -

and two play the field.

In the third, one player hits - and one player patrols

the entire field alone.

The Earthly All-Stars bat first!

Let's play ball!

Matt crunches a high fly to left...

Tonga trots under it...

...and makes the catch!

One out.

Inez hits one to center...

And Trash gobbles it up!

Two outs.

Jackie crushes one to deep right!

Cyclops goes back...and back...

And catches it right up against the fence for out number three!

The All-Stars go out without scoring a point!

Not a good start.

No problemo, earthlies.

We've got two more innings to score.

Let's play defense!

Hacker, Hacker, he's a winner!

If I'm wrong I'll buy you dinner!

Cyclops leads it off for the, um,

Bunnies in the bottom of the first.

It's a high drive to right...

Inez races to the line...

...but she can't reach it.

That's one point for the Bunnies!

Way to go, Inez!

One out!

A leaping catch by Matt against the wall for an out -

but not before the Bunnies score two more points!

That ends the first inning!

And what an inning for the Bunnies!

They lead the All-Stars six points to zero!

Gee,these guys are a lot bigger and stronger

than the Tikiville Titans.

Yeah, they're hittin' the ball everywhere we aren't.

And I have a feeling if Hacker's team wins this game -

something terrible is going to happen!

As we begin the second inning, the All-Stars

trail six to nothing - what a blowout!

But now each team has to bench a player.

That leaves two players to field and two players to hit.

Two outs and the side is retired.


Put me in, boss.

I can catch!

Then catch this!

I got it...I got it!

Top of the second, Matt comes out swingin'!

A fine catch by Trash.

A little messy, but still out number one!


Way to go, Matt!

Good job!

You're up, Jax.

Hit 'em where they ain't!

We tied it!


You da girl, Jax!


A spectacular leaping catch by Tonga to retire the All-Stars!

But not before they put up six big points to tie the game!

Okay, Earthlies, to keep the game tied

we gotta catch everything they hit!

But we only have two fielders!

Which means the two of us have to cover a lot more ground.

We'd know where to play if we had some idea

where they were going to hit the ball!

People always seem to know where I'm going to hit the ball...


Because I always hit to center field!

I have a pattern...

Maybe Tonga has a hitting pattern too.

If we could remember where he hit the ball in the first inning

- maybe we can figure out where he'll hit it again.

I don't get it. the first inning, we played here.

Anyone remember where Tonga hit it?

I wish I didn't, but I do.

First he hit one between left and center.

Then one down the left field line.

Then I caught one against the left field fence!

Hey, check it out!

All three balls went to left field...a pattern!

And because he hit everything to left last inning,

he just might do the same this inning!

It's not for sure - but it's worth a shot!

With Tonga coming up, the All-Stars

are taking a huge risk.

Both Matt and Jackie have moved to the left side,

leaving right field wide open.

Interesting strategy!

Here's the pitch...

It's a high fly to left...

Matt settles under it...and makes the catch!


It's as if the All-Stars knew Tonga

would hit the ball to left.

It worked!

Tonga's hit chart predicted

where he was most likely to hit it.

And here comes The Trashinator!

Looks like he's filling up fast!


Oh no, The Trashinator!

We haven't figured out where he hits the ball!

You're right Jax. Time out!




What's going on?

Put me in, boss, please?

I wanna play!

Let me explain something to you!

If you play, I won't win - and if I don't win -

I won't be very happy.

Is that clear?

I could pinch hit...

Okay, guys, where'd Trash hit the ball last inning?

We gotta find a pattern.

He hit one past me in center.

Then he hit one to right.

Then he hit one over my head in left.

And I caught his last one in center.

Okay! What have we got here?

He hit all over the place!

That's no help!

At least there was a pattern the way Tonga

hit all his to the left.

But there's no pattern to where Trash hit the ball.

Unless it's the no-pattern pattern.

The no-pattern pattern?

It means we can't predict where he'll hit the ball.

So the best you two can do is to split the whole field

evenly between you and Matt.

Matt here...and you here.

Sounds like a plan to me!

Let's do it!

Motherboard's worried - her hard-drive's got a rash -

cause nobody ever - puts out the Trash!

Go, Trash!

Trash steps up to the plate looking for the hit

to break the tie.


The ball drops in and the Bunnies take a one point lead!


Sheesh, another point!

The no-pattern pattern strikes again!

C'mon, guys, just catch one more!

Another great grab by Jackie,

denying what looked like a sure point for the Bunnies!

But the Bunnies do hack their way back into the lead,

seven to six!


This is it, team, our last chance.

It's one batter against one fielder -

and we only get one out.

And we need one run to tie - or it's all over...and Hacker wins!

And that's not good at all.

It's up to you, Jax.

You saved us before - you can save us again!

For the All-Stars!

Yeah! All right!

For the All-Stars!

Playing the entire field for the Bunnies is The Trashinator!

It's a high drive to center...

Trash goes back...back...

...he goes down!

A point for the All-Stars!

The score's tied!

Alright, Jax!

We're back in it!

It's a high fly ball to left...

Get it...get it...get it, you lousy tin can!

Jackie's out...but not before the All-Stars tied the game.

Going into the bottom of the third, all the Bunnies need

is one point to win the Championship, and Hacker becomes

Mayor of Memoryville and receives the key to the city.

Then I press the master delete button...

unleash supreme chaos...

and the Arky is mine!

According to Trash's hit chart, he's still following

the no-pattern pattern - he's hitting

the ball all over the place.

So where should Jax play to have the best chance of catching it?

I say you play in center - that way you can go left or right

depending on where he hits it.

Got it.

I'll do my best, guys!'re up!

All we need is one point.


I don't think he's up to swingin' a bat, boss.

But I am!

I'll make the announcement!

Oh boy!


it's The Hacker!

Pinch-hitting for The Trashinator,

and just up from the Tumbleweed League in Sensible Flats...

...El Slam-bin-o!

El Slambino?


We don't have a hit chart for El Slambino!

Jackie won't know where to play.

We gotta figure this out quick!

Time out!

Time out the Earthly All-Stars!

I'll Gwiggle El Slambino.

Search Tumbleweed League...El Slambino.


Footage of his last game.

Chalk it, Didge!

He hit a shot to right.

A long one to left.

A liner to right.

One off the right field wall.

Those earthbrats will never be able to stop El Slambino!

Right, Buzz?

Right, boss.

Looks like El Slambino hits more to right than anywhere else.

And if what he did in the past tells us anything

about the future - there's a good chance he'll hit the ball

to right again!

Which means Jackie should play in the middle of right field.

Got it!

For some reason, Jackie is moving to right field...

leaving left and center wide open!

Time out is over...and Bunnies only need one point

to win the game!

Slambino swings... a drive to right!


...dropped by Jackie!

Game over! Game over!

The Bunnies win the Championship!

Hacker is Mayor for a day!

I love it!

Congratulations, Hacker.

It's my pleasure...not really...

to present you with the key to Memoryville.

Thank you!

I deserve it!

Sorry, guys.

The hit chart worked but I blew it.

My fault we lost.

No way, Jax.

We win as a team - we lose as a team.


We made it all the way to the finals, didn't we?

Yeah, sure...but I don't like to see Hacker

leaving with that key.

No telling what he'll do with it...

Or is there?

Hacker's got a pattern too.

He always goes for maximum trouble!

Jackie, everyone wants to know about the ball you dropped.

Did the sun get in your eyes?

I've got a question for you, Stats!

Is there any door that shouldn't be opened

with the key to the city?

The one door that should not be opened is the door

to the Memory Bank!

The Memory Bank!

Inside is the button that will unleash supreme chaos

and win me the Arky - a dream come true.

You mean, a dream like me playin'

in the Slugball Championship?


Buzz, guard the door and don't let anyone in.

Delete, you come with me!


Ah yes!

Boss, wait!

How's Ann Arky gonna know you're the one who pushed the button?

Good point.

Take my picture!


Is The Hacker in there?


We have to stop him!

It's locked.

We can't let him delete all the data!

Hey, boss...

Someone out here to see you.

Who is it?

It's a surprise!

Ann Arky!

She must be giving me the award early!


Ms. Arky?

Where is she?


What are you earthbrats doing here?

Hey, Deedee...can I see that?


I'll take that!



Give me that key!

...Inez! Catch!


Got it!

Thank you very much, young lady.

Strike three, Hacker!

You're out as Mayor!

I'm back in charge!

Oh no...

That was your best catch yet, kid.

Want to tell your fans about it?

It's not about me, Stats.

We're a team.

We're the CyberSquad!

Let's go home, guys.

...It's from Ann Arky.

What's it say, boss?

"Due to your utter failure to create the necessary chaos,

you are no longer eligible for the Arky."


My life-long dream has been dashed to smithereens.

But, boss, you still have us.

Yeah, we like you...sort of.