Cyberchase 609 Chaos As Usual part 1


Cyberchase 609 Chaos As Usual part 2


Cyberchase 609 Chaos As Usual part 3

The kids play Slugball, a game where there are 3 innings. The kids team, The All-Stars, were playing against the Bunnies, who are owned by, you-know-who Hacker! The players in the bunnies were Cyclops, the Trashinator and the Mighty Tonga. They played all innings until the score was tied at 7. Then, Hacker called in someone to pinch hit Trash, That someone was none other than El Slam Bino! Jackie dropped the ball and Hacker was mayor, or was he? The kids set to thwart Hacker, then Jackie caught the key and gave it to the Mayor. Every kid has their day.

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