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The Poddleville Police Chief is in charge of the Poddleville Police that protects Poddleville. His name is not revealed. He debuts in the episode, "The Guilty Party" and is voiced by Kim Mitchell.

Physical appearance

The Chief is a light eggshell blue triangle with brown hair and a bushy brown mustache. He wears a police uniform that includes a long-sleeved collared cerulean blue shirt with a pocket on the left side and a yellow star badge on the right, a black belt with a yellow circle buckle, dark blue pants, and black boots with yellow spurs.

Poddleville Police Station


He works as the Poddleville Police Chief that leads the Poddleville Police at the Poddleville Police Station.


He has a no-nonsense, authoritative, commanding personality, especially when he orders the police officers what to do in crime scenes and when they are apprehending criminals. He is sometimes impatient, as shown in the episode, "The Guilty Party" when he tells the Cybersquad that Sleight O'Hand had to be the culprit in the case.

Likes and Dislikes

The Chief is shown to like donuts as shown in the episode, "The Guilty Party".

He dislikes injustice and criminals.



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