The Chocolate Customers are minor characters in "Harry's Sweet Job." They are the people who buy things from Li-Lac's Chocolates. So far, they are only shown buying truffles, eight of which are contained in a box.

The first customer is a woman who orders 5/8 hazelnut truffles and 3/8 raspberry, meaning that, as explained above, the capacity is eight truffles, and five of them are hazelnut, and three are raspberry. Harry explains this math problem to Harley.

The second is another woman who orders the same amount of hazelnut truffles, but only orders 2/8 raspberry, and in place of the third raspberry truffle, a mocha one. Harry snaps his fingers and tells Harley to pay attention when he catches him looking at the truffles.

Then, while Harry is taking his lunch break, Harley is taking over as the third customer (a man) comes in. He orders 4/8 hazelnut, 3/8 mocha, and 1/8 caramel. Unknown to that customer, Harley only added the 4/8 hazelnut and was eating the rest of it behind his back, not to mention Harry's. As the man exits, Harry enters and thanks him for covering for him. While on his walk, the man wonders why his box is so light, so he opens up the box and finds out what is missing. He angrily walks back to complain to Harry about what parts of the order he had not gotten. Harry apologizes to him and promises to replace those that were missing, but the man still pouts over the inconvenience in the first place. Finally, he gets his order fixed and leaves eating the truffles while Harry gets in a tirade with Harley, eventually firing him.

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