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[A cryoxide transport ship lands outside Control Central. A disguised Buzz and Delete step out, and hook up a hose to a terminal to siphon Motherboard's cryoxide. A security camera watches their every move.]

Buzz: Out with the old...

Delete: Don't forget to wave at the camera!

Buzz: In with the new.

[Meanwhile, in Control Central's main room...]

Digit: Morning, Motherboard. Sorry about this but I promised, 'a tune up a day while the doc's away.' Say 'ahhh.'

Motherboard: Ahhh.

[Motherboard opens up an access slot. Digit sticks a thermometer into it, but when he pulls it out, it's burnt up.]

Digit: Wuh oh.

Motherboard: Are you... as hot as I am?

[Digit pulls out a mirror.]

Digit: Well, I like to think I'm not unattractive.

Motherboard: Check... cryoxide!

Digit: Yeah, yeah, I know, the virus has you burning up coolant extra fast. I put in an order for more cryoxide last night. I'll just make sure it got here.

[Digit inspects Motherboard's cryoxide tank. The tank is overflowing with a steaming, green sludge.]

Digit: Hey! What is this stuff? Cryoxide is blue, not... blech!

[Some of the sludge squirts Digit in the face.]

Digit: I'll pretend that didn't happen.

[More sludge squirts him.]

Digit: Motherboard, calm down!

Motherboard: Digit, is th-that you?

[Digit warps, stretches and squashes in Motherboard's vision as her systems overheat.]

Motherboard: Systems too hot! Much too hot! Burning up!

Digit: I gotta do something! Think, think!

[Motherboard starts spitting out floppy disks crazily, barely missing Digit.]

Digit: Yoikes!

[Digit runs over to a refrigerator.]

Digit: There's gotta be a way to cool her down! Cold, cold, I need something cold.

[He starts tossing items from the freezer.]

Digit: Carrots, cauliflower, cholesterol free custard, corn, cranberries! Sheesh! Only Dr. Marbles would alphabetize his food! Ham, hot dogs... AHA! Ice!

[Digit runs over to Motherboard's cryoxide tank, dumping the ice on top of it. It immediately begins to melt.]

Digit: That's better.

[Digit pulls out his cyberphone and dials a number.]

Digit: Bluefalls Cryoxide? What? No, please! Don't put me on hold! No, this is an emergency! I need help here.

[Motherboard's cryoxide tank begins to vent violently, causing Digit to drop his phone.]


[A door opens up, revealing a portal behind it. Matt steps out, surveying the area.]

Matt: Let me guess, Motherboard's virus is worse!

[Digit, Inez and Jackie are taking cover behind a shelf as Motherboard continues to spit out countless floppy disks.]

Digit: She needs fresh cryoxide!

Matt: Good thing I just came from baseball practice, looks like you need these.

[Matt pulls out two baseball helmets from his backpack, handing them to Jackie and Inez.]

Inez: Thanks, Matt.

Matt: Sorry, I only have two. (To Digit) What's cryoxide?

Digit: Follow me.

[Digit leads the Earthlies over to Motherboard's cryoxide tank, crawling to avoid the floppy disks.]

Digit: Cryoxide is the coolant in her tank and radiator that keeps her from overheating and melting her CPU!

Jackie: All I see is green, yucky goop!

Digit: That's the problem!

Inez: What happened?

Digit: I don't know. I was just gonna check the security camera.

[Digit presses a button on the terminal keyboard, bringing up the security footage on the main screen.]

Digit: Here's our regular delivery of cryoxide...

[The footage shows a shadowy but familiar figure hooking up a hose to Motherboard's cryoxide terminal.]

Inez: Are you sure?

[The shadowy figure trips over the hose and falls, revealing Buzz and Delete.]

Jackie: It's Buzz, and Delete!

Motherboard: Buzz? Delete? Hack... ha-ha-hack attack!

Digit: They must have filled Motherboard's tank with that soupy stuff! That's why she's overheating!

Matt: So Motherboard needs a fresh tank of cryoxide, right? How much cryoxide in a tank full?

Digit: I don't know, but there's only one place to get it: Castleblanca.

Matt, Jackie and Inez: (In unison) Castleblanca?

Inez: Not again..!

Digit: I can't reach them, so we have to go there.

Matt: Figures.

Jackie: Okay, guys. Let's get organized. If we have to bring back the cryoxide, we need something to carry it in.

[Later, Jackie is seen comparing the sizes of different glass jars to Motherboard's tank.]

Jackie: Hmm. I don't think any of these jars will hold as much liquid as Motherboard's tank. They're tall enough, but too narrow.

[Inez compares the tank to a different jar.]

Inez: And this looks wide enough, but it's way too short.

Matt: Hey, look what I found!

[Matt brings over a much larger jar that's the same apparent size as Motherboard's tank.]

Matt: A little taller, and almost as wide. It's a match! They should both hold the same amount of cryoxide.

Motherboard: Cowboy... riding, HIP! Fishing.

Inez: What's she doing?

Motherboard: Ski! Army. Go, go, go! Galoshes.

Digit: I think she's trying to reboot!

Matt: Don't worry, Motherboard. We'll be back in no time.

[The Cybersquad heads out to the Control Central launch pad. A garage door opens up, revealing a two-seat vehicle. It flies up to them automatically.]

Digit: There it is, the Doc's new two-seater cybercoupe!

Matt: Let's motor!

Inez: Um, we have a problem.

Matt: Yeah, no CD player.

Inez: I meant there's not enough room for all of us.

Digit: I'll stay here with Motherboard just in case she needs help.

Jackie: And I'll stay with Digit, in case he needs help.

Digit: There's an onboard tracking system already programmed for Castleblanca.

[Inez is already in the driver's seat of the cybercoupe.]

Matt: Hey! Who said you get to drive?

Inez: You drove last time.

Matt: Oh.

[Matt hops in the passenger side.]

Matt: Wait, there was no last time!

[Inez guns the motor, blasting them off towards Castleblanca. Meanwhile aboard the Grim Wreaker, The Hacker is trying to find the perfect crown to sit atop his head.]

Hacker: Nope! Uh-uh! Too small, much too small for the next king of Cyberspace!

[Hacker places an impossibly wide crown on his narrow head, and inspects it in the mirror.]

Hacker: Hmm. Wide is good... but I need something bigger! More impressive! After all, it's going to crown absolute greatness!

[Buzz and Delete approach the Wreaker in their cryoxide delivery ship. They contact Hacker.]

Buzz: Boss, boss! We're watching Motherboard like you said, and we just saw those pesky kids!

Delete: Yeah, they just left Control Central.

Hacker: Don't bother me now you sniveling cybirds, I'm busy! I just want to know if that contaminated concoction of cryoxide has Motherboard ready to blow our dump!

Delete: (In unison with Buzz) She's smokin'! Smoooookin'!

Buzz: (In unison with Delete) Oh yeah, boss! She's ready to go!

Hacker: Good! Now, find out what those kids are up to. If they interfere with my plan, I'll sever your circuits, one gigabyte at a time! Is that clear?!

Buzz: Oh yeah, boss! Clear as a bell! Heh, w-w-we're on it!

Delete: Hey, boss?

Hacker: What?

Delete: Nice crown.

Hacker: MOVE IT!!

Matt: You think so.

Motherboard: I think so, Matt. My team won the cyberworld series last year.

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