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|next="[[A Murky Mystery In Mermaidos]]"
|next="[[A Murky Mystery In Mermaidos]]"
"'''Creech's Creature Quandry'''" is the second episode of [[Season 11]] of ''[[Cyberchase]]''.
"'''Creech's Creature Quandary'''" is the second episode of [[Season 11]] of ''[[Cyberchase]]''.
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[[Category:Season 11]]
[[Category:Season 11 episodes]]

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"Creech's Creature Quandary"
CYBR1102 Creech sCreatureQuandary 1.png
Original air date
December 26, 2017
Directed by
Jason Groh
Written by
Adam Rudman
George Arthur Bloom

"Creech's Creature Quandary" is the second episode of Season 11 of Cyberchase.



Memorable quotes

Hacker: Ahh, Miss Jackie, really. I'm sincerely hurt by your unwarranted accusation.

Matt: You're never sincere about anything.

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