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The Cyber Grand Council Building[citation needed] or Cyber Grand Tower[1] is a cybersite that serves as a multi-purpose skyscraper. It is roughly shaped like a cylinder, with a blue disk-shaped plaza outside the main entry floor. The main body is purple, with a darker stripe for every other floor.


The site first appears in "How It All Started: Webisode 1", where the outside and main conference room are shown. The leaders of several cybersites gather there for a meeting with Motherboard to discuss the future.[2]

The Cyber Grand Tower is the main setting of "Less Than Zero". Dr. Marbles seems to be leading a similar meeting with the leaders of various cybersites. Hacker knows that they are gathered in one place, and takes them hostage unless they surrender Cyberspace to him. Hacker is forced to leave Buzz and Delete in charge, and they start to move the council between floors.

Because the stair access is blocked and the elevators are out of order, the CyberSquad uses a suspended aerial work platform to move between floors and track down the council, following the signal from Dr. Marbles's electronic locator. They number the floors with chalk on the outside of the building as they go.

The site is eventually revealed to have vertical symmetry on the outside. The portion below the plaza contains negatively numbered floors.


Cyber Grand Tower directory
18 Main conference room
17 Mud bath spa
15 Gym
0 Main entry
−3 Swimming pool
−5 Grand ballroom

In "Less Than Zero", the CyberSquad marks 19 levels above the main entry floor. This implies that there are at least 39 floors. The episode's background art inconsistently depicts the site with 19, 20, 22, and 24 stripes that could correspond to levels above the plaza, and 21 below.

There is a flipped copy of the plaza below the disk, including the entrance, but this is labeled as level −1.

When reading off of the site's brochure, Delete mentions bowling and a disco, in addition to the floors that are later numbered.



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