Cyberblades are skates that were made by Hacker in the episode "Face-Off". In the episode, the Penguin Village Voyagers see a commercial for these skates and decide to buy them, but Fluff prefered to wear his father's skates, which was unacceptable to the Voyagers. However, during a practice game against the Tundra Town Titans, the Cyberblades seem to be worse than the regular skates. After taking a skate test, Fluff realizes that the regular skates are much better than the Cyberblades, and then he informs his teammates about this. The Voyagers then switch back to their normal skates and then end up winning the Penguina Cup. Digit then finds out that the Cyberblades were made by Hacker, when he reads a statement underneath his left skate that says "Made in the Northern Frontier".
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