Cyberblades are skates that Hacker makes and sells in "Face-Off".


Hacker creates Cyberblades because he needs money to buy the Power Forever Recharger Chair.

The Penguin Village Voyagers see a Cyberblades commercial and decide to buy them, but Fluff prefers to wear his father's skates. However, in a practice game against the Tundra Town Titans, and after controlled testing by Fluff, the Cyberblades seem to be worse than the skates the Voyagers had been using before. The team switches back to their normal skates and then end up winning the Penguina Cup.

Digit then finds out that the Cyberblades were made by Hacker when he reads a statement underneath his left skate that says "Made in the Northern Frontier".

Though Hacker earns enough money from the Cyberblades, dissatisfied customers start calling in, citing the refund policy stated in the advertisement.

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