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“The money tips are really cool and, boy, do I ever get myself in a jam at the arcade. [Kids]'ll just have to tune in to see what happens.”

The Cyberchase: Know Your Dough Marathon is a two-hour marathon that aired on April 15, 2005, as part of Cyberchase: Know Your Dough Day. It includes four Cyberchase episodes that involve financial literacy: "Trading Places", "The Snelfu Snafu: Part 1", "The Snelfu Snafu: Part 2", and the premiere of "Balancing Act". By extension, the marathon marks the premiere of Season 4.[1][2]

Live-action segments co-hosted by Bianca and Harry are shown between each episode[1]. Harry's subplot ties into "Harry's Big Date", the Cyberchase For Real segment that accompanies "Balancing Act".


  • Bianca
  • Cyberchase: Know Your Dough Marathon crew (debut)
  • Cyberchase: Know Your Dough Marathon director (debut)
  • Firefighters
  • Harry
  • Kelly
  • Jenna (mentioned)


Bianca opens the marathon at an arcade in New Roc City. She turns to Harry, but he is missing, and Bianca doesn't know how to continue through the script without him. A standby screen appears as Bianca frantically argues with the film crew. Bianca awkwardly segues into a segment about the physical strength of US banknotes. The director cuts the scene and gives Bianca a five-minute break, telling her that Harry isn't needed. Worried about Harry, Bianca looks for him.

Harry is riding bumper cars when Bianca finds him. He thinks his job hosting the marathon is the next day, but Bianca tells him they already shot the first scene and plan to do the rest without him. Harry realizes he lost the job. He was looking forward to hosting the marathon, and he wanted to use the paycheck for a special date with Jenna next Friday.

Back on set, Bianca introduces "Trading Places".[3]

Bianca welcomes the audience back with several "dough" and "donut" puns, and explains how "dough" came to mean "money".

From the sidelines, Harry brainstorms another way to earn enough money for his upcoming date. He gets a job at a "paint the clown" game. As he is pelted with paint, he explains how he will earn $28 per shift. However, between shifts, he spends all his money on arcade games and exchanges the tickets for a large teddy bear. When Harry tries to pay for another round of bumper cars, he realizes he has no money left. A cameraperson bumps into him as the marathon's film crew walks past.

Ironically, Bianca is explaining the importance of keeping track of savings and spending. She directs the audience to Make a Buzz Bank, Make a Savings Diary, and Cyberchase: The Quest on Cyberchase Online. She then introduces "The Snelfu Snafu: Part 1".

Bianca bemoans the twist at the end of the episode. She then asks how many ones are on a United States one-dollar bill, as a trivia question.

Meanwhile, Harry has been hired to fill in as the magician in a magic show that pays $100. He hopes to perform well enough to win the Know Your Dough Marathon director over and get the hosting job back. Harry's first trick is to escape from a locked crate using his bare hands. The assistant, Kelly, locks him inside and throws away the key.

Bianca gives the answer to the trivia question (16 times, not counting the serial number).

Harry struggles to escape, boring his audience and causing a member to leave. As he bumps the crate, he starts to move it along the stage. While Bianca introduces "The Snelfu Snafu: Part 2", Kelly and tool-carrying firefighters are chasing the entrapped Harry through the background.

While shooting the next scene, Bianca crashes into an arcade machine. She gets distracted by Dance Dance Revolution Extreme and insists on playing. Going through several songs, she begins dancing at impossible speeds. Freed from the crate, Harry approaches and tries to get Bianca's attention. There is an explosion as Bianca is launched into the air off-screen; all that remains on the dance pad are her shoes, billowing smoke.

The director lets Harry finish hosting the marathon, and Harry gets costumed and made up. Because the hosting job also pays $100 dollars, he says his date with Jenna is safe. Harry then introduces "Balancing Act".[4]

The date having gone successfully, Harry is working to save money for another date on Saturday. He says he won't spend a cent of his earnings. Just then, Bianca lands from a fall and wants to play Dance Dance Revolution again. However, she is out of money and asks Harry for a couple dollars.

At the end of the credits, there is a scene of Harry in the "paint the clown" game, wondering who to ask to get his paycheck, as the lights turn off.[5]