"Cyberchase: Space Waste Odyssey" is split into two episodes for Season 12.

Season 12, Episode 1 & 2
Air date April 19, 2019
Written by Adam Rudman

George Arthur Bloom

Directed by Jason Groh
Episode Guide
"Back to Canalia's Future"


It's Motherboard's Birthday and the Cybersquad is having a birthday party to celebrate it...


  • Chicken Little says "The Sky Is Falling" in this episode is definitely a reference to Disney‘s Chicken Little.
  • This is the second birthday episode since the sixth season episode, Digit's B-Day Surprise
  • This episode marks Ollie's first appearance since The Cyberchase Movie.
  • This episode marks Ledge's first appearance since since the eighth season episode, The Bluebird of Zappiness.
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