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The Quest is a series of online Cyberchase point-and-click adventure games. Each game involves traveling around Cyberspace and various cybersites to complete an overarching quest with a customizable player character.

A total of four Quests have been available on Cyberchase Online[1]. Initially, the player's progress was saved via their PBS Kids Go! account, but after Go! was rolled into the broader PBS Kids site in 2013, the game now saves progress via a standard PBS Kids account. All Quests were eventually removed. Quest 1: Mission Motherboard was given an update and redesign in early 2020 as part of the broader Cyberchase Online overhaul[2]; the other three have yet to be reimplemented.


The core gameplay is point-and-click, used to move the player character within and between screens of the game world, and to interact with non-playable characters, items, and other objects. The first three Quests use isometric area design, while Quest 4: Stop the Stormerator includes more dynamic areas with new camera angles and simulated perspective effects.

Minigames, quizzes, and shopping and inventory features are also included. They are typically based on math topics such as logical reasoning and money management, but may also concern trivia about the Cyberchase television show.