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Cyberchase: The Search for the Power Orb is a Cyberchase tie-in novel published in 2003, written by Adam Rudman and illustrated by Matthew Stoddart[1].

The book involves cryptography and includes games and puzzles[2][3].



  • Cybersea[4]
  • Ivanka's ship[4]
  • Mount Doom[4]
  • Serentia


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When the carelessness of Izzy, the guard's son, allows the Hacker to steal the Power Orb from Serentia that the villain plans to use to take over cyberspace, Jackie, Matt, and Inez are brought in from Earth to help Izzy get it back.[5]

At one point in the story, Izzy wishes using the Power Orb for he and the CyberSquad to fly back to the Cybercruiser 6.[4]

Chapter 1: Hacker Strikes Again

Chapter 2: Motherboard's Message

Chapter 3: Trouble in Serentia

Chapter 4: Power for Sale

Chapter 5: Lost Power

Chapter 6: The Hunt Begins

Chapter 7: Doomed to Be Deleted

Chapter 8: Trolls

Chapter 9: The Portal

Chapter 10: Mount Doom

Chapter 11: The Ghost Ship

Chapter 12: Izzy Loses It

Chapter 13: Power Outage


  • On the book cover, the CyberSquad is seen climbing a rope to get out of a hole. In the book, they climb cyberhookworms to get out of the pit.