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“Stay right where you are—it's Cyberchase For Real.”

Cyberchase For Real is a series of live-action segments (occasionally with overlaid[1] or stop motion[2] animation) that are paired with Cyberchase episodes, typically airing as an "epilogue" after the animated segment of the show. Each segment demonstrates the associated episode's mathematical or environmental topic in a more practical context.[3] The segments never appeared in Amazon Prime releases.

For Real segments have been produced for each season, although several clips seem to be missing from the PBS Kids and Cyberchase Online video players. The series is also used for specials and promotional material, such as the Cyberchase: Know Your Dough Marathon; the main For Real characters often appear alongside Digit in real-life promotional events.

The Cyberchase For Real intro sequence got new background music in Season 3. The patterns used on the monitor in this sequence are reused from a scene in the pilot version of "The Poddleville Case"[4], which was cut from the Season 1 version of said episode.


Cyberchase For Real typically takes place in New York City. Despite the real-life setting, For Real often involves exaggerated comedy and scenarios.

The series seems to be set in a different "real world" from the rest of the Cyberchase franchise. For Real characters have referred to the animated segment of Cyberchase like a television show[5], and Cyberchase-brand merchandise has appeared in For Real segments[6], suggesting that the main series is fictional in the For Real world.


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Most For Real segments have featured Harry and Bianca. Later seasons have introduced younger protagonists such as Courtney and Jaiden.

"Stomp, Look, and Listen" is the only segment to star Kareem, which is speculatively attributed to the unique production history of its paired episode, "The Poddleville Case".


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An official episode guide on Cyberchase Online gave titles for For Real clips through Season 7[7]. This seems to have ended in Season 8[8].

The Cyberchase Online video player mostly uses the format "[episode name]: For Real", with the exception of Season 10. Some Season 12 segments, though not all, are generically labeled "Cyberchase: For Real".

Unlisted segments

As of March 2021, these segments are missing from the Cyberchase Online video player, seemingly in error.