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Cyberchase Online is the Cyberchase website, located at It has often been positioned as a continuation of the on-air series, and much of the original content is directly inspired by individual episodes of the show.

Cyberchase Online hosts supplementary games and activities, and lets viewers watch limited full Cyberchase episodes, Cyberchase For Real segments, and minisodes. Most episodes are split into acts, with a rotating selection of full episodes. Former versions of the website also hosted character bios[1][2], outreach and promotional materials[3], and other interactive content.

Cyberchase Online also exists in Cyberchase For Real according to "Bianca Goes Where the Wind Blows", in which it is called "the Cyberchase Web site."


An online component of Cyberchase was planned as early as the original pilot demo[4]. This may have been pursued to tie into the show's virtual setting of Cyberspace.

The website has undergone several redesigns that often improved the layout and responsiveness while deprecating some of the available content.

One major redesign, titled Cyberchase: The Next Frontier, was implemented around 2011[5][6].

The website was redesigned again in 2018, which removed many sections, features, and pieces of content. The deprecation of Adobe Flash Player and the announcement of its eventual discontinuation may have influenced the removal of certain games that were developed in Adobe Flash. Some content has since been converted to modern formats and added back to the website, sometimes with added accessibility features and other changes from their original versions.


  • 100 or Bust
  • 2D to 3D Morphing
  • Activity Book
  • Batter Up!
  • Be Part of the Solution
  • Bianca's Body Math
  • Boredom Buster
  • Build a Better Bunny Copter
  • Buzz Flip Book
  • Chocoberry Chillers Recipe
  • Chomp, Nibble, Grow, Grow, Grow Game
  • Coloring Sheet CyberSquad
  • Coloring Sheet Kids In Coupe
  • Comic Book
  • Cool It!
  • Cyber-Sudoku
  • CyberOlympic Card Game
  • Digit's Cyber-Dough Recipe
  • Dot Decoder
  • Go for the Goal!
  • Gollywood Squares Game
  • Gotcha Game
  • Halloween Mask - Digit
  • Halloween Mask - Inez
  • Halloween Mask - Jackie
  • Halloween Mask - Matt
  • Holiday Ornament
  • How Windy Is It?
  • I've Got Your Number
  • Let's Dew It!
  • Let's Go Shopping
  • Lifting with Levers
  • Make a Buzz Bank
  • Make a Buzz Cake
  • Make a Möbius Strip
  • Make a Pinwheel
  • Make a Pop-Up Card!
  • Make a Savings Diary
  • Make a Thaumatrope
  • Make a Tikiville Teepee
  • Make Bianca's Stuffed Pig
  • Make Ice Cream!
  • Make Matt's Coder/Decoder
  • Make Rock Candy Crystals
  • Make Ziff's Carpenter's Square
  • Mother's Day Card
  • My Cyberchase Ruler
  • Nature Walk Notebook
  • Party Glasses
  • Pet Preferences
  • Power Up! Game
  • Robot Retriever
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Shadow Math
  • Six Holes of Arachnipod Crossing
  • Square One
  • Step Into Cyberspace
  • Top Flight
  • Trash Dash Game
  • Valentine's Day Cards
  • What's the Temperature?
  • You Be the Judge!
† This item has been removed from Cyberchase Online since the Next Frontier[7].

En español

  • Búsqueda del tesoro de la temperatura
  • Conservación del agua
  • Deforestación
  • Diseña tu propio superheroe en forma de planta
  • Huerto de frutas y verduras en macetas
  • Juego del hábitat
  • ¡Polinizadores!


† This item has been removed from Cyberchase Online since the Next Frontier[8].


Cyberchase Online used to have an Outreach section, which hosted content such as promotional materials and official artwork. Many of the downloads are now lost or difficult to find elsewhere, as they were not archived onto the Internet Archive Wayback Machine before this section of Cyberchase Online was replaced.[9]



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