April 19

PBS Kids has recently announced that they will be starting a new season this fall. Before it occurs, let's get to work with making really great articles and uploading awesome images too! Also, we have been informed of a lot of spamming of articles. Please refrain from doing so; it tarnishes the Wikia's reputation and there are many people who are interested in reading about Cyberchase that want good information. Thanks!


August 4

It's four months after our last update. Thanks to all users who helped in contributing to reach 53 articles by the beginning of this month even though we didn't make the first quota of reaching 40 articles by April 4... Now, the next step is to get more users to create an account here to make things a bit easier. More images will be needed as well as well as more articles. Hopefully, everything will go out smoothly for the rest of this year.

April 4

Well, it's been a while since the last update. There are a few more users out there, but it'd be nice to still have more users around. Please talk to htm14 or any other user that's been recently contributing to get your answers as soon as possible. Now that htm14 has been an admin, things are moving forward quite a bit. Cheers. Let us work together to achieve the goal of at least 50 articles by the end of July. Or, maybe more than 40 by the first anniversary of this site!


December 30

As a non-admin, htm14 is the only one around here. Until more users and at least one admin is available, it is practically impossible to continue this wikia. Please come! Cyberchase is a great topic to talk about, and there's so much to do!

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