Cyberchase Wiki

Administrators enforce the following wiki rules. Warnings should be given when reasonable; recurring or major violations will lead to a block.

The goal of Cyberchase Wiki is to be an accurate, collaborative, thorough encyclopedia on the Cyberchase media franchise. These rules are intended to foster this goal, reputable documentation and archival of this subject matter, and a welcoming, collaborative community.


  • Please contribute productively in accordance with the wiki's goal. Stay relevant to Cyberchase. Follow established conventions for article layout and formatting.
  • Conversely, don't disrupt the wiki. This is usually considered vandalism, spam, or trolling. It can involve adding nonsense, misinformation, or irrelevant content; or removing relevant information without a sound reason.
  • Be civil. Act in good faith, and assume good faith in other contributors. Resolve disputes calmly. Don't bring in discourse from elsewhere that doesn't concern the wiki. Don't intimidate, attack, or harass people. Don't discriminate.
  • Don't add explicit content. As Cyberchase is aimed at children, the wiki should be suitable for all ages. Furthermore, if referring to a distressing or sensitive topic is absolutely necessary, keep the mention brief and avoid going into detail.
  • Please only use one account on this wiki. Choose an appropriate username. Accounts used to evade a block will themselves be blocked.

Additional guidelines

In addition to following the rules:

  • Please consider citing sources (or requesting citations), to help others verify and trust information. By showing where something was found, others don't have to find the source again, or at least have a head start if it is offline or becomes unavailable.
  • Consider explaining edits that others may not understand, in the edit summary or article comments.
  • Avoid creating stub articles. If doing so is absolutely necessary, then at the bare minimum, please identify the subject and where it is from (like an episode name). This helps other contributors add to the article.

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