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This is a listing of all of the sites found in Cyberchase.

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Aquari-Yum Aquari-Yum An underwater cybersite that is inside a giant fishbowl. The site contains numerous rock formations and plants that have the appearance of food. It is the home of Icky, other cyber aquatic creatures, and a mermaid named Binary. Without Icky, the site will boil over. Appears in episodes 116, 123, 306, and 402.





Black hole Bernie's Black Hole A Black Hole that is guarded by a sentry named Bernie who charges disposal fees for objects dumped into the hole. He bases the rate on his appraisal of the worth of the object being disposed, and the black hole will not dispose of any unpaid items. This "site" is also a portal to the Nether World of Cyberspace. Appears in episodes 310 and 503.
Bottawa Bottawa is a snowy and windy cybersite where they celebrate Reboot Eve


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A cybersite that is freezing cold, snowy and icy. It is the location of the Crystal of Calamore. Appears only in episode 111.
Canalia Canalia is a cybersite that first appeared in episode 1110, "Back to Canalia's Future". The cybersite has a water-based economy and its citizens travel in gondolas in water canals instead of cars on roads.
Castleblanca2 Castleblanca A Halloween-themed cybersite, full of castles and cyborg monsters. Also the one and only place to get cryoxide. Appears in episodes 102, 114, 405, 406, 501, 509 and appears very briefly in others.
GrandCouncil Cyber Grand Council Building A multi-purpose building with a top and a bottom set of levels that appear identical to one and other. Some levels were underneath the walking or main area. There are at least 19 floors on each side, although the only "negative" floor of importance was -5. Appears in episode 121.

Penguia (Cyberia)

A cybersite that appers to be winter all the time. It is a home of penguins, underground chambers and booby traps. Appears in episodes 403, 602, 702, and 802.
Cyber mall CyberMall A mall in the Cyberchase online game, The Quest. Exclusive only for the aforesaid game.
Control Central Motherboard Control Central The home of Motherboard, and the center-place in Cyberspace where Jackie, Matt and Inez usually meets up with her and Digit. Appears in most episodes.
Cybrary Cybrary A library that contains all the information that one can find about Cyberspace. There are 20 floors and ways to go to the floor including Cybercart, Mail Tube or the Teleporter Pad. Appears in episodes 210, 308, and 311.


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Discardia2 Discardia

A site where all the garbage in Cyberspace goes to when it is thrown away. Ships can loose their power when they try to land there, for they would have to land in all the junk. Appears in episodes 312, 405, 502 and 509.


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Ecohaven Ecohaven A wildlife cybersite, and a sanctuary for all kinds of rare, exotic and wonderful animals. It is the home of Chewcrocca, and Nero the Animal Hero. Appears in episodes 301 and 504.
Ecotopia Another wildlife cybersite. It is a safe haven for many animals with many preserves. It is also the location to the reset button for all of Cyberspace.
Eureeka Eureeka The home of Professor Archimedes, creator of the encryptor chip, and his assistants Yuki and Rika. This cybersite is mainly a barren wasteland. Appears in episodes 113, 123, and 204.


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Bunny Forest The Forest A cybersite of forests and meadows where the last Good Luck Charm of Cyberspace lives. Appears in episodes 112 and 125.
Frogsnorts2 Frogsnorts A school and land for wizards, and is the home of magical creatures, Professor Stumblesnore and Shari Spotter. Appears in episodes 203, 311, 401 and 604.


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Garden Garden A cybersite that seems to lead into Control Central, and a place where Madre Bonitas grow. Appears in episodes 116, 204, 206, 214 and 509.
Gollywood Gollywood

A cybersite parrallel to Hollywood, where the celebration of Starlight Night takes place and celebrity cyborgs, such as Mary-Pat and Britney Wholsome (parodies of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen), live. Mister Zero, a man who's not famous and feels as if he shouldn't exist, lives there as well. Seen in episodes 303, 312 and 701.

Golftopia A cybersite that has a golf theme and is filled with golf balls that contain a special substance called equalibreas. Known residents include Gimme and Dewy the Deedle Beast. Seen in episode 706.


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Happily-Ever-After2 Happily Ever After A fairytale-themed cybersite full of fairytale characters such as the Three Little Pigs, Humpty Dumpty, Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk), Chicken Little and many others. It is also the origin home of the villain Wicked. Appears in episodes 108, 122, 203, 204, briefly in 406, 503, 505, 506, and 603.
HelpingHandLand Helping Hand Land A very happy-go-lucky cybersite full of rainbows, smiley faces, friends who help people, and it's the destination of healing stone and Harriet Hippo. Only appears in episodes 203 and 310.



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Joes Station Joe's Cleaning Station A place where cyberships can be washed and/or repaired and is runned by the cyborg named Joe, who is usually seen with Hacker. Appears in episodes 121, 408, and 507.
Jimaya Jimaya Mainly a jungle-site with a large Mayan-like pyramid located in the center. Appears in episodes 307 and 607.




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Memoryville Memoryville The cybersite where the championship game of "Slugball" takes place, including the Memory Bank where all the memory in cyberspace is stored. Appears in season 6.
Mount Olympus Mount Olympus A cybersite based off of Greek Mythology, full of mythological figures and Gods such as Zues, Atlas, the Three Fates, and Cerberus. Most of what the Cybersquad does in their quests are similar of what actual mythological characters had to do, such as hiding under moving sheep to hide from the Cyclops. Appears in episodes 106, 126, and 406, as well as other brief appearences.
Mobius Mobius A small cybersite that appears to have no inhabitants. It is made out of a set of odd train tracks, and is in a shape of a Möbius strip, Appears in episode 113, and is mentioned in A Day at the Spa.


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(No existing image) The Nether World of Cyberspace A cybersite that no one knows what it is like there, and no one wants to know. Lady Lovelace's time machine is in a hidden part of this cybersite and it can go anywhere through cyberspace. This cybersite had never made an appearence, but is mentioned in episode 201.
NorthernFrontierSign Northern Frontier A barren wasteland at the far parts of cyberspace, and the home of Hacker. It appears in most episodes.
CybersiteNowhere Nowhere A barren landscape surrounded by mountains, and it's the only cybersite in such a state that is populated by several cybercitizens. All of these citizens deal with a currency of old donuts because they want the donuts to last forever that when they're stale, but some also deal with trading. It is the home of Scritters, and is rich with magnetite and power crystals. Appears in episodes 120 and 304.


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Penguia map

Map of Penguia from The Quest 4: Stop the Stormerator

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Parallel Land
Penguia Penguia is a place filled with penguins, hence its name. It has been featured in episodes 502, 602, 703, and 802.
Pleasant Island
Pressure Poes
Power Center



R Fair City map

3-D map of R-Fair City from The Quest

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R-Fair City


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Sensible Flats
Southern Frontier
Spheres of Fears


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Tallywonka (mentioned in EcoHaven Ooze)
Tomb of Rom
Topsy Turvy Island


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Volcano Island


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Wickedy Brooms
Wind Chammer Plateau