The cyboid is a sentient birdlike species of cyborg[1] found in Cyberspace.


All known cyboids have a body plan likened to a turkey's, featuring feathers[2], long, pointed beaks, and wings that function as hands. They also have storage compartments in their chests, and propeller tails that let them hover in the air.

Like all borgs, one of the crucial components of a cyboid is a synchrometer. In addition, Digit is known to be bolted together.[1]

Some if not all cyboids have thin, coiled wires that tether their eyeballs, accessories, and possibly other parts to their body. These wires let Digit safely dislocate his eyes from their sockets[3]; it is unknown if other cyboids can do this.


Cyboids are likely to live in terrestrial habitats. According to Digit, they "were not designed for underwater travel"[4].

Known members

Ditto shares several features with known cyboids, such as a birdlike body and propeller tail, but lacks others. Whether he is a cyboid has not been stated.

Name origin

"Cyboid" is a portmanteau of "cyborg" and "bird", as pronounced in a New York Metropolitan dialect with the coil–curl merger.

The syllable "boid" may also be a pun on Boids, a computer algorithm that simulates flocking and swarming behavior. "Boid" here is a shortening of "bird-oid object".


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