Ms. Fileshare's Deedle Beast, Dewey

The Deedle Beast (species name unknown), is a domesticated animal that is considered a pet in Cyberspace. The species debuts in the episode, "The Deedle Beast".

Physical Appearance

The Deedle Beast has purple fur with lighter fur at the face, legs, and feet. They have curly tails.

Facts from 101 Facts About Deedle Beasts

Facts from "The Deedle Beast"

  • Deedle Beasts make great pets. They are easily trainable, gentle with children, and they are neat and orderly.
  • They purr when contented, howl when frightened, and when tickled...turn bright orange and sing.
  • Deedle beasts are highly sensitive to underground vibrations. Deedle behavior during such an event may include: yowling, hair standing on end and running in circles around the source of the tremor.

Known Deedle Beasts



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