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category Species
Bunny (temporarily)[1]
Pinecone (temporarily)[2]
Chicken (temporarily)[2]
cake Age
Younger than Buzz
cake Birthday
September 12[3]
male Gender
palette Favorite color
work Occupation
Henchman to Hacker
sentiment_satisfied Allies
Digit (formerly and temporarily)
sentiment_extremely_dissatisfied Enemies

Delete Irving Bot[4] is a secondary antagonist of Cyberchase. He works alongside Buzz as one of Hacker's main henchmen.

Delete is usually voiced by Rob Tinkler, but occasionally by Mark Staedler.

As of "A Garden is Born", Delete's favorite number is nine.


According to Buzz & Delete Save the Day, Hacker built Buzz and Delete using robotic parts from cybersite Botopolis, led by Princess Deia. Buzz and Delete seem to have a good relationship with Princess Deia, based on their shared dialogue.

"A Day at the Spa" suggests that Buzz and Delete used to work at a cybercheese factory before being hired by Hacker, or at least instead of working for him for some period of time. It is also possible that it was metaphorical what they said. Both seem weary of the prospect of returning to the factory for work, although they don't particularly enjoy working for Hacker.


Delete seems to be the most innocent out of the show's recurring villains. He is naïve, somewhat clumsy and vulnerable to trickery[5]. He is also shown to be more playful than Buzz and prone to distraction while carrying out Hacker's orders[6]. One of Delete's most defining traits is his fondness of animals, particularly bunnies. He often voices wanting a pet bunny to name George. Across multiple episodes, he's given this name to various creatures whether they are bunnies or not[7]. He also seems to be attracted to shiny objects such as cyberstatic[8] and the golden drop[9].

Delete typically goes along with Hacker's schemes unquestioningly. He also frequently takes orders from Buzz, although he will occasionally argue, and even engage in physical fights that compromise their success. When Buzz attempts to take advantage of an amnesic Hacker in "Raising the Bar", Delete seems to be compliant in the scheme until Buzz begins treating him poorly as well.

Occasionally, Delete will even go against or at least voice some concerns to Hacker either due to a seeming lack of understanding,[10] or a conflicting opinion on the matter[11][12]. He enjoys holidays such as Reboot Eve and Starlight Night, and expresses distress when Hacker threatens to disturb them. As Buzz is more willing to go along with orders, he tries to cover for Delete or change his mind[13]. When Delete's relationships with Buzz and Hacker are especially strained, he is hesitantly willing to assist the CyberSquad[14]. In later seasons, this has involved direct cooperation. However, in the end, he returns to the Grim Wreaker because he believes Hacker and Buzz need him.[12]

According to "A Recipe for Chaos", Delete loves cooking.

Physical appearance

Delete stands at around the same height as each of the Earth kids. His turquoise metal skin is bolted together in the front. His mouth is part of a muzzle-like shape at the front of his face, with a few snaggleteeth in an overbite. His antenna are made of a more flexible material, given they can blow in the wind. Yellow bolts attach his shoulders to his body, and one is usually drawn on his cheek, although its appearance is not consistent. An orange cable with an unknown purpose connects the back of his head to his lower body.

Buzz and Delete on vacation in "EcoHaven CSE"

The top of Delete's head, which encompasses his eyes, is colored black. His hands are a pastel yellow color and frequently drawn in a comb shape when not in use. The way Delete is drawn while on vacation in "EcoHaven CSE" suggests that these are a mask and gloves, respectively, as the areas use the same color in that scene as the rest of his skin. The episode also shows that his thin black shoes can be removed and that he has toes underneath.

The orange ball at the tip of Delete's right antenna can be popped off[15]. Delete is also able to shed tears[16].

Powers and abilities

Delete has extendable arms[17]. In some cases, his arms simply stretch, while in other cases, his hands extend from their sockets with a length of rope-patterned material that comes out through his arms.

It is demonstrated on two occasions that Delete can do a convincing impression of Motherboard[18][19], fooling both the CyberSquad and the citizens of Cyberspace.


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Best buds (2).png

Delete considers Buzz his best friend. They frequently refer to each other as "Buzzy" and "Dee-Dee". Delete will often take orders from Buzz, but is also prone to engaging in arguments with him and even physical fights. His tendency to be distracted during their duties can sometimes annoy Buzz, who takes them more seriously. Delete tends to be the more loyal one to the friendship, as Buzz will occasionally throw him under the bus when he has the chance[14].


Delete does not hesitate to capture Digit when his boss orders it. However, he does occasionally extend Digit cordial greetings and calls him "Didgey"[20], implying that the two got along somewhat well when Digit worked for Hacker. They can work together sometimes when they need to. In "All the Right Angles", Delete is mistrustful of Digit claiming to be back on Hacker's side.


Although originally having a neutral opinion of Gigabyte, Delete becomes attached after his brainpower has accidentally been transferred into the monster. He describes "Giggie" as a brother and becomes protective of him when Buzz handles him carelessly.[21]


Although Hacker does not seem to particularly like either of his henchmen, he seems to have less regard for Delete, offering him praise less often and berating him more.

Character bios

"Meet the CyberSquad" bio (2001)

Buzz and Delete: one dingbat and one ding-dong- together they equal double trouble! They're Hacker's fumbling henchmen who always show up at the wrong time, creating chaos and confusion.

Favorite Color: Rust

Favorite Foods: Pomegranates

Favorite Book: Chicken Little

Favorite Movie: The Wizard of Oz (because of the Tin Man, of course)

Pets: my Bunny, George

Favorite Color: Salmon

Trading card bio (Delete & Buzz)

Age: Buzz is older than Delete

Favorite Colors: Blue-green [Buzz], rust [Delete]

Favorite Lines: "Now look what you've done, Dee Dee!" [Buzz] "The boss isn't gonna like this, Buzzy!" [Delete]

Other Favorites: Donuts [Buzz] His pet bunny George [Delete]

Pet Peeves: Doing Hacker's dirty work [Buzz] Doing Buzz's dirty work [Delete]

Great At: Messing up Hacker's plans

Skwakopedia entry (Cyberchase: The Quest)

One of Hacker's henchman. He's a tall, skinny robot. Not very bright but loves bunnies. Best friend to Buzz.

"Who's Who Document"

Delete is a bad guy with a sensitive side. If Hacker would let him, he’d have a pet bunny named George. Delete works for Hacker because “Buzzy” does, and “Buzzy” is his friend. Not that he minds the dirty work – Delete likes to cause problems and make mischief as much as the next horrible henchman. But don’t ask him to solve problems; he can’t. He’ll just ask Buzz what to do. Together, Buzz and Delete are best described as “dumb and dumber.”


LOCATION Cyberspace, Northern Frontier

SKILLS “Gee, I can’t think of any.”

FAVORITE BOOK He’s not much of a reader

"CyberSquad" bio (2012)

Delete, a "bot," is insecure and even more bumbling than Buzz. It’s hard for him to remember anything. His pal "Buzzy" helps him figure things out and together, they come up with excuses for why things go wrong. He likes animals, especially rabbits. Signature line: “Bunnies!”


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Early concept sketches of Buzz and Delete

  • Delete, Jackie, Matt, Inez and Buzz are the only characters to appear in every episode of the series.
  • As revealed in the book Cyberchase: The Search for the Power Orb, he was assembled without all of his brain chips[22], presumably explaining his clumsiness and ditziness.
    • The explanation given in early material is that he "has a terrible short-term memory because of electrical discharges that bounce between Delete's ears."[23] This does not always apply to the final series, as he sometimes experiences these electrical discharges during epiphanies[14]. However, while Delete and his memory are affected by magnetite in "A Clean Sweep", the electricity discharges continuously.
  • In "Less Than Zero", Delete mentions having a rust problem.
  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog fans have also noted various similarities between Scratch and Delete.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Portuguese Deleto Possibly from deletar (to delete) + -o (masculine suffix). Same spelling as deleto (I delete).