"Designing Mr. Perfect"
Designing Mr. Perfect Title Card.png
Original air date
November 28, 2006
Directed by
Jason Groh
Invention design
"A Clean Sweep"

"Designing Mr. Perfect" is the third episode of Season 5 of Cyberchase. It originally aired on November 28, 2006.



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Frustrated that she can’t find Mr. Perfect, The Wicked Witch sets out to design him, by turning a frog into her Prince Charming.  Unknowingly, however, Wicked captures and transforms Digit instead of a frog. Her sympathetic wand, Wanda (Danica McKellar), secretly alerts the CyberSquad who jump into action. Their problems multiply when a jealous Hacker kidnaps their cyboid pal. The kids must design an invention that can do two things: navigate a perilous swamp AND get to the top of a tall cliff. Can they pull off the rescue before it’s too late?

Digit teaches Hacker how to the perfect boyfriend for Wicked. Digit takes to extremes as Hacker twists his entire body, lifting his pinkie finger while holding a cup and forced to agree with Wicked for her commands by saying "Whatever you say dear, I want what you want. You are always right" and Digit injures his pinkie finger and his left arm. Buzz and Delete were forced to say that because Hacker didn't like that were laughing at him when he says this. That's pretty dark for Digit. The reason why did this, is because he getting revenge, payback and to get back at Hacker for being evil to Digit.


  • When the Cybersquad said that Digit is coming with them, music from Total Drama plays[citation needed].
  • How the CyberSquad knows Wanda is unknown.
  • This is the last wedding-themed episode in the series, and the last to feature Wicked getting married.
  • This episode reveals that Happily Ever After has a swamp and a house in the swamp and swamp water is green on this cybersite.



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