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The Digi-Fizz Dome Pollution Incident was an incident that occured in the dome-enclosed cybersite Perfectamundo. The incident was caused by the popular Digi-Fizz which was invented by Raz.


The incident began in The X-Factor, shortly after Raz and Hacker opened their factories. Raz was making the Digi-Fizz, and Hacker was making soup made of ultra-vicious plants. During the day, while The Mayor and Waldo were inspecting the dome, orange spots appeared on it. The mayor cleaned the dome, but more spots appeared. The mayor called everyone outside.

Hacker's Trial

Hacker was accused of polluting the dome, because orange stuff was coming out of the smokestacks. Hacker denied this. The mayor made him shut down his factory, or go on trial. The Hacker chose to go on trial. At the trial, Waldo tried to prove to Hacker his factory was polluting the dome, but Hacker denied that as well. He said the orange stuff was steam, not pollution. Hacker was right, because when he shut down his factory, orange spots were still coming out of the dome.

The Outcome

Raz's Digi-Fizz caused the dome to have orange spots. He apologized, and repaired them so the chemicals would not be released into the environment.