Digit "Didge" LeBoid[1][3] is one of the protagonists of Cyberchase, and one of the four main members of the CyberSquad alongside Inez, Jackie, and Matt. He is a cyboid created by Hacker who defected to Motherboard's side prior to the events of the show.


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While working for Motherboard, Hacker created Digit to be his assistant. When Hacker locked Motherboard's Encryptor Chip in a secret vault, Digit solved the combination and returned it in time. Hacker, banished to the Northern Frontier for his actions, brought Digit along against his will, unbeknownst to Motherboard and Dr. Marbles.[4]

Digit thwarted Hacker's plan to cause chaos in Valussa by sending a coded message containing the secret to save the cybersite. Hacker learned of Digit's betrayal and locked him in a cage. Digit used his beak to free himself, and flew back to Motherboard Control Central.[5]

Along with the other members of the CyberSquad, Digit helps protect Cyberspace and Motherboard from Hacker.


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Digit is well-meaning but often clumsy.

Digit's catchphrases include "Bada-bing, bada-boom!", "Never fear, the Didge is here", "Wuh-oh", and "Yoikes!" When learning how to solve problems, he often says "I knew that!" or "Who knew?" Another running gag involves Digit making an observation that he doesn't realize is helpful and another character calling him a genius, which he may question or feign the intention of.

He also has a Synchrometer, which controls his behavior. It wears off sometime, making him act VERY wonky and drunk-like. He needs it reactivated to behave like himself.

Physical appearance

Digit is a predominantly indigo bird, with a body plan likened to a turkey's. His head and the tip of his tail are lavender. His beak is long and pointed, with prominent nostrils and wrinkles at the base, and contains three rounded teeth at either side. Digit's wings can function as hands, and his tail is a small propeller with four triangular blades (although he is usually only drawn with three visible at a time). He has a rectangular white hatch over his chest compartment, with a small red knob at the top.

Digit has spiky hair that is usually obscured by his red, backward-turned baseball cap, which he wears backward. The cap is attached by a thin cord to a white orb with a red dot. Digit also wears a red bowtie, and yellow-and-red sneakers.

Powers and abilities

Digit's avian body plan and propeller tail enable him to fly. However, he is afraid of heights, and the necessary parts tend to be damaged before some situations in which they would be useful.

Digit can use his chest compartment to store and retrieve things. The objects inside seem to become weightless and may shrink; an extreme example is when he unloads a weight that is larger than his body, which he struggles to lift afterward and is heavy enough to counteract the pull of the Grim Wreaker on Motherboard Control Central[6].

Digit also has an all-purpose beak[5] that he can turn into several tools.

Like a parrot, Digit is skilled at vocal mimicry. He is generally talented at imitations and ventriloquism, and seems to be able to throw his voice.[7]

Digit has built virtual nests, but admits to not being very good at it[8].


Digit displays a close friendship with the CyberSquad and many minor characters. He has a personal vendetta against Hacker, Buzz, Delete, and Wicked, and is more suspicious of them[9][10] and Wicked[11] than the other members of the CyberSquad.

Character bios

"Meet the CyberSquad" bio (2001)

He's a bird, he's a, he's a klutz- but a loveable klutz who's a first class pal to the kids. He used to work for Hacker, but flew the coop when Hacker betrayed Motherboard.

Favorite Color: He can't decide

Favorite Book: “The Cyber Chef” by Digit LeBoid, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach

Favorite Music: The Dixie Chicks

Favorite Movie: “Chicken Run”

Pet Peeves: Heights and having to do things over

Pets: Widget

Trading card bio

Age: Not that old

Favorite Color: He can't decide

Favorite Line: "I knew that... I was just testing you."

Other Faves: Earthlies, taking pictures, cartoons

Pet Peeves: hacker, heights, getting dented

Great At: Crash landings, telling bad jokes, doing impressions

"CyberSquad" bio (2012)

Digit, a cyboid, was created by Hacker, but he left him to work for Motherboard. He can fly with his propeller tail, but he is afraid of heights and often crashes and dents his beak. A great friend and helper, Digit loves to work with the kids to stop Hacker. Signature line: “Yoikes!”


Digit has appeared in every episode thus far, with the exception of "The Poddleville Case".


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Portuguese Digito Digit


  • Digit's design slightly, but greatly resembles Eddie from Birdz, another show that Larry Jacobs worked on
Digit concept art

Early concept sketches of Digit


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