"Digit's B-Day Surprise"
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The kids have a really cool plan for Digit’s b-day—a surprise party!  But in order to keep the secret, they pretend to forget his big day. Disappointed, Digit goes off on his own and runs into Hacker: If he can convince the dejected Digit that he is his one true friend, he can reprogram the cyboid to gain access to Motherboard! Meanwhile, the kids have a special gift made for their pal—a chocolate “Digit” sculpture. But to get it to the party, they must cross a desert where the heat threatens to melt the sweet treat. By observing how wearing a wet bandana keeps them cool, the kids figure out that evaporation is key to keeping the choco-sculpture from melting. But can they get it to the real Digit in one piece before Hacker cons him into changing sides?


  • Starting with this episode, the character models has been redesigned.
  • The series switched to Flash beginning with this episode.
  • This is the first birthday episode in the series, the next is The Two Part Episod, Space Waste Odyssey.

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