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Donuts are Buzz's favorite food, and thus have appeared several times in Cyberchase. It is his goal to run a donut shop.

Several types of donuts appear in Cyberchase: The Quest as items: the Blue donut, Chocolate donut, French cruller donut, Furry donut, Pink frosted donut, and Sunday donut.


After crash-landing on Nowhere, the CyberSquad is annoyed by the local bartering system. Because the residents all find Buzz and Delete's stale donuts rare and valuable, they establish it as a commodity currency and the primary monetary system of the cybersite. Donuts are grouped onto sticks to help count large amounts.[1] However, Nowhere is later shown to use Snelfus[2].

When Buzz uses the Transformatron, he chooses to become a giant donut. The CyberSquad takes advantage of this form by leaping through his center and making him roll away.[3]

Hacker briefly let Buzz run a donut shop, dubbed Buzz's Donuts, in Radopolis as a front for a magnetite scheme. Buzz and Delete are seen making Buzzarian creams, a jelly-filled variety, on an assembly line. Digit orders five and gets them for free in honor of the celebration on the following day.[4]


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