Unga: This way, it's moving up fast

Unga: You almost had him Nero

What did I say about wearing boots

Unga: Nero's right, to capture Chewcroca, we got to be quiet, lose them

Unga: Chewcroca has escaped

You mean, released. Someone unlocked the croc

Nero: And you like Chewcrocca all to yourself so you can put it in your circus, You just wanted another trophy.

Unga: Both of you have the keys to this lock

Circus Owner Unga D 'Bigtop

Unga: It wasn't me

and your feet are bigger than mine!

and my feet are smaller than both you, cause I'm the smallest.

If another part of my body matches my foot, then we can use the suspects footprints to tell us more about the suspect.

cut this string so it's the same length as my foot.

Nope. nope.

and my head is the same length as my foot!

Unga: You're fired

Unga: Nero! You're the one who took Chewcroca,

Nero: I did it

Jackie: But why? You love animals

Nero: She's the reason I did it.  I did it to protect the rare cybercroc from Unga and her circus sideshow. (flashback) After the trap went off, I was the first on the scene.

Matt: Nero!

Unga: I came here to capture Chewcroca and that animal lover isn't gonna stop me
Unga: You were. I just hired you again.

Unga: so did we

Hacker: and so did I

Unga: You were working with Hacker, You're fired.

Unga: (sighs) I've been thinking, maybe it's not such a good idea to the put Chewcroca into my circus. Where villians like Hacker could find her anytime they want.

Jackie: Good idea, Miss Unga

Matt: We'll hide Chewy and Junior in some unknow cybersite where nobody could find them.

Nero: That's actaully what I was going to do.

Ewwww (laughs)

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