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"EcoHaven Ooze"
Original air date
November 29, 2006
Directed by
Jason Groh
Written by
Dan Elish
George Arthur Bloom

EcoHaven Ooze is the fourth episode of the fifth season of Cyberchase. It originally aired on November 29, 2006.


Main Characters

Recurring/Minor Characters


When Hacker discovers that the liquid ooze that feeds the animals of EcoHaven also gives him a super energy boost, he decides to drain the pond and take the ooze home. He builds a fort around the pond, so the CyberSquad must figure out a way to get in without being noticed. They take inspiration from the Greek myth of the Trojan Horse and build a giant “Trojan Ducky.” After testing a model of their invention to be sure it works, they hide inside the duck, and fool Delete into taking them to Hacker. But how will they stop Hacker’s nefarious plot?


  • This is the last appearances of Widget, Chewcrocka, Junior and the rest of the animals from the episode "Echohaven CSE".
  • This is the last episode to feature Echohaven in the series.
  • In this episode, the end credits were sped up yet the audio of the instrumental version the show's theme song was normal as always. Due to Len Carlson's death.
  • This episode aired as part of the "My Big Idea Marathon."
  • This episode was given out as a reward for a certain time.
  • This is Len Carlson's last episode before his death.
  • For Real Segment: "Harry Talks Trash"
  • This is Len Carlson's last episode as the voice of Buzz, before his death. Carlson died on January 26, 2006. This episode was produced before he died.



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